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Airdrop-Policy How To List A CryptoCurrency Product

AIrdrop Listing Policy


The BestCoinList Team check out the background of an airdrop that is submitted on BestCoinList Website. If the airdrop has all features are necessary, airdrop to be confirmed and listed as a regular airdrop. Therefore before submitting your airdrop is better you read the following information.


When does the BestCoinList team “confirm” an airdrop?

If an airdrop includes the following information, the BCL team will confirm it, and it will be listed as a regular airdrop.

  1. The submitted information includes links to the whitepaper, Official website, Official social media, and Official Airdrop announcement thread.
  2. There is available the team info with full names and pictures mentioned on the official project website and their social media such as LinkedIn Profile with full background information.
  3. The Official website looks complete.
  4. There is enough the cryptocurrency coin/tokens information on the official project website and also the whitepaper.
  5. Airdrop steps should be all clear. For example, if a project is not asking for a wallet address for the airdrop, steps are unclear, and airdrop will be not confirmed.


Note: The Verified label on the BestCoinList website means the airdrop verify by the airdrop project team. If the project team submits their airdrop, after confirming by the Bestcoinlist team, the airdrop will get verified label. On the other hand, if the BestCoinList team submits an airdrop based on BestCoinList’s community recommendation, the airdrop will get the unverified label. Therefore, airdrop project team can sign up and verify their airdrop to get the verified label.


How the Airdrop’s Rating system is working?
The following info will be helpful to get your airdrop a high rate.

Airdrop’s Rating system includes two parts; Validation and BCL Profile.


Your airdrop will get a complete rate at Validation section when;

  1. The official project website includes a link to the Airdrop
  2. The official social media of project include links to the Airdrop
  3. There is an official announcement thread for the Airdrop on BitcoinTalk or Medium.


Your airdrop will get a complete rate at BCL Profile section when;

  1. The owner airdrop verifies the airdrop and gets the Verified label.
  2. The owner airdrop activates the free ad package.
  3. The owner airdrop buy credits and activate ads package.


Note: If you added your ICO on the BestCoinList website, click on the “Add Airdrop.” If you want to add only your airdrop, click on the “Add Airdrop without ICO.”

Note: Giveaways can be a lottery, a lucky draw, a contest, a competition, a reward for holders, or a reward for buying, categorize as an airdrop. Nevertheless, please mention what type is your airdrop in the “Explanation of Airdrop” section.


If you still have questions, please contact

We hope that you enjoy BestCoinList’s services.