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DV Marketplace Airdrop for CryptoCurrency - ICO/STO

DV Marketplace Airdrop Ends:

May 26, 2019

0.28 USD
Platform TypeTron

CryptoCurrency Rating System - DV Marketplace

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Requirements CryptoCurrency Airdrop - DV Marketplace

What is And How To Get DV Marketplace

DV Marketplace is airdropping 100 tokens to their community members. Go to the Google Airdrop Form and follow the below tasks to receive tokens.

NOTE: Read more about DV Marketplace Airdrop HERE.

Airdrop Rating CryptoCurrency Airdrop - DV Marketplace

Rating Items for the Airdrop
BCL has provided a perfect and exclusive rating system!
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Validation DV Marketplace - Crypto Airdrop Rates

48 / 80
  • Validate on Site
    16 / 16
  • Validate on Social
    16 / 16
  • Validate on Bitcointalk
    0 / 16
  • Popularity
    16 / 32

BCL Profile DV Marketplace - Crypto Airdrop Rates

14 / 20
  • BCL Profile
    4 / 4
  • Airdrop Owner(Verify)
    10 / 10
  • Free Ads Package
    0 / 2
  • No Free Ads Package
    0 / 4

Summary Of DV Marketplace and its Airdrop

DV Marketplace's mission is to create a decentralized market place based on the vast potential of the cryptocurrency payment system. This enables global access to blockchain-based trading for private and business users. The role of the crypto-currency in the modern world is growing rapidly. Therefore if cryptocurrency has thas the proven potential to become a new accepted payment method, then it's only logical to create a platform that leverages that potential.