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Sep 30, 2019

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BCL has provided a perfect and exclusive rating system!
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40 / 80
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    16 / 16
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    16 / 16
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    0 / 16
  • Popularity
    8 / 32

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14 / 20
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    4 / 4
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    10 / 10
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    0 / 2
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Summary Of ISINA MUSIC and its Airdrop

ISINA is the world's first decentralized online platform for searching and developing musical talent throughout the globe. The platform is blockchain-based for maximum security, clarity, and availability.

The general maximum quantity of the created ISINA tokens, taking into account bonuses, composes 440,495,361.

Conducting of crowd sale rounds (sale rounds of ISINA tokens), is a way to raise additional funds for precipitation connected with the new technology solutions’ development and the ISINA platform’s products. The attraction of financial resources and the corresponding creation and distribution process of ISINA, tokens within conducting of token sale, happens with the use of Smart Contracts on the basis of Ethereum.

First-priority, ISINA plans on conducting a Seed-round for early token holders of the project within which the total sale of 102,203,100 of ISINA tokens, for the purpose of attraction of $3,066,000, is planned. Within the Private sale crowdsale round, sale of 163,524,960, ISINA is planning for the purpose of attraction of $4,905,600. In such a manner, the total volume of ISINA tokens sales to IEO will compose 65% of the general proposition.

During the run of IEO the sale of 81,762,480 ISINA, in the prospect of $2,452,800 is planned. The persons wishing to take part in IEO (acquisition of ISINA tokens on the exchange platform), will have to send cryptocurrency to the appointed address of the ISINA Smart Contract. At the same time, they will become the owners of ISINA tokens at historical costs that compose $0.03 per token, which will go to their wallets.

We are able to specify the quantity of the tokens available on the market within the period of each month based on blocking periods for different interested parties and also stimulation models. The equable accrual of tokens to task, described on the graphics, will allow for great stability connected with ISINA token cost.

As may be inferred from the schedule, at the time of ISINA sale within IEO circulation of tokens will compose 20% from the general emission. By December 2020, the circulating medium will approach and rise beyond 40%. In June 2022 this indicator will exceed 50%. And by December 2025, ISINA tokens will be realized to the full extent.

ISINA tokenomics provides lockup of the team’s tokens and token holders of Seed-round and Private sale. This measure is necessary for building up of control above emission. For the ISINA team, there will be an established vesting period which will be a boon to operational efficiency and will allow building up of the long-term labor-management relations that will give its benefits connected with company’s operation.

Holders of ISINA tokens clapped with a lockup, have a possibility of preschedule release of tokens and their above cost sale, but their price should not be less than fair value. For this purpose, the token holder has to leave an application for repayment of tokens by the platform in no event sooner than half a year after data sheet of ISINA token at the exchange. During the Seed Round and Private Sale stage, there will be a freeze on tokens. The cost of coins will then be 50% more expensive in the period between 6 and 12 months from the date of listing. After 1 year the price will then double. Each token after repayment by the ISINA platform is subject to full burning on behalf of the price indicator fixing.


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