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LCX Airdrop for CryptoCurrency - ICO/STO

LCX Airdrop Ends:

Dec 20, 2019

Platform TypeEthereum

CryptoCurrency Rating System - LCX

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Requirements CryptoCurrency Airdrop - LCX

What is And How To Get LCX

LCX Round 2 is worth 10,000,000 LCX Tokens in total. 


The person to make it to the top spot will receive 500,000 LCX Tokens
while the following positions will also be rewarded accordingly.

  • 1st Place (1 winner) - 500,000 LCX Tokens
  • 2nd - 5th Place (4 winners) -  250,000 LCX Tokens to each winner
  • 6th - 10th Place (5 winners) - 100,000 LCX Tokens to each winner
  • 11th - 20th Place (10 winners) -  50,000 LCX Tokens to each winner
  • 21st - 50th Place (30 winners) - 25,000 LCX Tokens to each winner
  • 51st - 1,000st Place (950 winners) - 5,000 LCX Tokens to each winner
  • 1,001st - 5,000th Place (4,000 winners) - 500 LCX Tokens to each winner


Note: The leaderboard campaign ends on 20th December 2019.

Note: Token will be distributed on 20 January 2019.

Note: Please read the terms and conditions before participating.

Airdrop Rating CryptoCurrency Airdrop - LCX

If you are owner of Airdrop or a representation of the company, you can verify the Airdrop, by clicking link below and login in your BCL panel and if do not have an account needs Signup!

Rating Items for the Airdrop
BCL has provided a perfect and exclusive rating system!
About Rating System


Validation LCX - Crypto Airdrop Rates

48 / 80
  • Validate on Site
    16 / 16
  • Validate on Social
    16 / 16
  • Validate on Bitcointalk
    0 / 16
  • Popularity
    16 / 32

BCL Profile LCX - Crypto Airdrop Rates

0 / 20
  • BCL Profile
    0 / 4
  • Airdrop Owner(Verify)
    0 / 10
  • Free Ads Package
    0 / 2
  • No Free Ads Package
    0 / 4

Summary Of LCX and its Airdrop

LCX’s goal is to become one of the world’s first licensed and supervised blockchain banks seamlessly blending traditional and crypto-assets. Founded in 2018, LCX is headquartered in Liechtenstein, a country known for its groundbreaking blockchain laws and being a financial hub with a AAA rating at Standard & Poors. LCX is building an ecosystem for crypto and fiat alike to become the new category leader in blockchain banking. The initial product is LCX Terminal, a sophisticated trading desk for managing the complete crypto asset trading lifecycle across multiple platforms.

LCX is a member of the World Economic Forum C4IR and had been named Blockchain Pioneer by the Blockchain Research Institute. The advisory board of LCX includes leading experts, such as Don Tapscott (Author Blockchain Revolution), Jimmy Wales (Founder Wikipedia), Frank Gessner (Serial Entrepreneur) and others.