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Orchid Airdrop for CryptoCurrency - ICO/STO

Orchid Airdrop Ends:

Jan 10, 2020

12.00 USD
Platform TypeBitcoin

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Requirements CryptoCurrency Airdrop - Orchid

What is And How To Get Orchid

Orchid Airdrop is worth up ~$12 in OXT tokens. 

For every referral, you will get $10 in OXT. Up to 4 referrals

Note: Orchid is listed on CoinMarketCap.

Airdrop Rating CryptoCurrency Airdrop - Orchid

If you are owner of Airdrop or a representation of the company, you can verify the Airdrop, by clicking link below and login in your BCL panel and if do not have an account needs Signup!

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BCL has provided a perfect and exclusive rating system!
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Validation Orchid - Crypto Airdrop Rates

48 / 80
  • Validate on Site
    16 / 16
  • Validate on Social
    16 / 16
  • Validate on Bitcointalk
    0 / 16
  • Popularity
    16 / 32

BCL Profile Orchid - Crypto Airdrop Rates

0 / 20
  • BCL Profile
    0 / 4
  • Airdrop Owner(Verify)
    0 / 10
  • Free Ads Package
    0 / 2
  • No Free Ads Package
    0 / 4

Summary Of Orchid and its Airdrop

Orchid is a decentralized market for anonymous communication and virtual private networking. Extant privacy solutions are either opaque commercial services with concomitant centralization risks or free peer to peer networks that lack the proper aligned incentives for service quality and economic security at scale. Orchid is a bandwidth market where node providers stake tokens to advertise their services using the Ethereum blockchain. Clients construct single or multi-hop onion routed circuits by selecting nodes randomly weighted on stake and filtered on secondary criteria (price, location, etc.). Staking aligns incentives against operator malfeasance and linear stake weighting, in particular, neutralizes sybil attacks. Orchid uses a probabilistic payment system which scales to millions of transactions per second, enabling a highly liquid bandwidth market without a trusted central party. Payments at packet scale allow high-frequency trustless interactions by reducing the implicit floated balances between transactors to miniscule levels.