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Verasity Airdrop for CryptoCurrency - ICO/STO

Verasity Airdrop Ends:

Oct 28, 2019

Platform TypeEthereum

CryptoCurrency Rating System - Verasity

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Requirements CryptoCurrency Airdrop - Verasity

What is And How To Get Verasity

Verasity Triviata Leaderboard Competition is worth $10k in Verasity VRAB playing Triviata. Earn crystals in the Triviata App to get to the top of the competition leaderboard!

Leaderboard Prizes:

  • 1st Place: $5k in VRAB
  • 2nd Place: $2.5k in VRAB
  • 3rd Place: $1k in VRAB
  • 4th-10th Place: $140 in VRAB
  • 11-100 Place: 15000 VRAB

Read more about this Leaderboard Competition HERE.

Airdrop Rating CryptoCurrency Airdrop - Verasity

If you are owner of Airdrop or a representation of the company, you can verify the Airdrop, by clicking link below and login in your BCL panel and if do not have an account needs Signup!

Rating Items for the Airdrop
BCL has provided a perfect and exclusive rating system!
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Validation Verasity - Crypto Airdrop Rates

48 / 80
  • Validate on Site
    0 / 16
  • Validate on Social
    16 / 16
  • Validate on Bitcointalk
    16 / 16
  • Popularity
    16 / 32

BCL Profile Verasity - Crypto Airdrop Rates

0 / 20
  • BCL Profile
    0 / 4
  • Airdrop Owner(Verify)
    0 / 10
  • Free Ads Package
    0 / 2
  • No Free Ads Package
    0 / 4

Summary Of Verasity and its Airdrop

Verasity is a disruptive video sharing platform designed to pivot the online video ecosystem by enabling a direct and transparent relationship between viewers, content creators and advertisers. Our experienced team has a wealth of experience spanning across the Media and Technology sectors, with previous leadership roles at companies including Eurosport, Sky, Joost, AOL, Turner and Guardian. Powered by existing cutting-edge video player technology, Verasity provides a high-quality viewing experience. Verasity’s proprietary Blockchain technology (PoV™) creates a transparent economy powered by a new cryptocurrency called VERA. Our goal is to liberate creators and online publishers whilst improving the viewer experience for video. Verasity's protocols will be used across the web integrating video delivery and instant micropayments using VERA all backed with trusted and transparent Proof of View™ Blockchain technology.