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The SportGift Presale started in april 1st

The SportGift Presale started in april 1st

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12th April 201912:34 am

The SportGift Presale started in april 1st.


What is SportGift?

Sporgift is a sports mobile app that will track the user’s sports activities. By completing challenges they will be rewarded Ethereum based Sportgift (SPORTG) tokens.

Our Mission

Sportgift wants to motivate people to exercise frequently. Through its challenges and rewards, Sportgift will encourage the users to be healthy and fit, thus increasing their quality of life.

How will it work?

We are looking for partner organizations to create challenges. Our partners can buy SPORTG tokens to offer as rewards to the users that complete those challenges. Our partners in return will get advertised in the app.


The SporGift platform is powered by a cloud solution with microservices, a mobile app, a web app and the Ethereum blockchain based token that will enable the users to earn prizes for exercising.


The mobile app, which is the base of our platform, will be available on Android and iOS for every user. The SportGift app will allow the users to enroll in challenges and earn prizes. The app will track activity times, speed, distance, heart rate, burned calories, etc. just like a podometer. The process will be simple:

  1. The user installs the app and creates a profile with their personal information.
  2. The app shows the available challenges and the prizes the user can earn for completing them.
  3. The user enrolls in a challenge and after finishing it, prizes are unlocked for redemption. The prizes may be tokens, discounts, and other kinds of gifts.
  4. The partner that created the challenge is notified about the winners and the prizes are delivered.


The mobile app and the web module.

SportGift will be powered by a web backend and cloud microservices

  • The app will be available in any device using Android and iOS.
  • The backend systems will enable our partners to register, create challenges, configure prizes, sales promos and set up advertising campaigns.
  • It will be powered by technologies and frameworks including Angular JS, MongoDb, Amazon Web Services, Spring Boot, Java EE, Hibernate, IOS Swift, Android, Kotlin, Restful Web-Services and JQuery, among others.
  • The SPORTG tokens will finance the project and will also be used as a payment platform by our partners.
Christian Domenech
Christian Domenech