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#1 Crypto Exchange Review platform – ProExchangers

#1 Crypto Exchange Review platform – ProExchangers

CryptoCurrency Press Release

5th June 202012:09 pm

Everyday people look for crypto exchanges and crypto projects. To do this they go to popular websites which focus mostly on showing numbers. Numbers are good, but they don’t tell the full story.


A while back I was looking for a crypto exchange to trade on, I visited one of these websites because they were listed in the top five by trading volume. Their interface looked good and professional, I deposited my bitcoin and logged out. I came back 12 hours later and saw that my coin was in, great, everything looks good I said.  I proceeded to place an order in the order book. I waited four hours but my order never matched even if it was supposed to do so according to the order book.  I got tired and cancelled the order, I decided to withdraw my bitcoin, to my greatest surprise, my withdrawal never arrived. I was patient and waited for a few days. Nothing. Here was one of the top exchanges by volume scamming me. I opened a ticket and they never got back to me. This is the story of how I was selectively scammed by one of the biggest exchanges still around today.


As an advocate for openness and transparency, I believe this problem needs to be solved, the numbers are important in the crypto space, but the human experience is also crucial. We don’t just need to see numbers, we needs to see numbers that quantify the human experience and the professionalism of crypto exchanges. We need to see views and opinions of crypto users. What is needed is a platform that shows the all crucial numbers, like volume, prices, markets, but combines these numbers with the human experience of investors of these exchanges.


We need a platform where people can scream in joy and people can vent their frustrations at popular crypto exchanges and projects. Here are some numbers to illustrate my point:


  • 90% of people read a review before visiting a business.[1]
  • 80% of people trust a review as much as they trust a personal recommendation [1]

These numbers show that a staggering number of people need to see how business treat their customers before putting in their money or patronizing it. A person who has read my review above on that exchange would not just depend on the numbers and volumes. A lot of crypto users have similar experiences so they vent their frustrations with the big crypto data aggregators.

ProExchangers was created to solve these problems. It seeks to help noobs and professional crypto investors navigate the crypto space gracefully, by not only showing the numbers but by creating numbers that reflect the user experience. There are many hidden gems in the crypto space, and they should not be buried under the huge numbers of the big players. They need another way to shine and make their presence known.



ProExchangers is like the metacritic of crypto reviews combined with the numbers, marry those numbers with the user experience of investors.



Watch a short youtube video documenting what ProExchangers is all about.


Visit the Website at to find out more.





Peter Ovo
Peter Ovo