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Advertise Your ICOs with Golden, Silver and Bronze Plans which are Provided by BestCoinList!

Advertise Your ICOs with Golden, Silver and Bronze Plans which are Provided by BestCoinList!

CryptoCurrency Press Release

21st November 201810:47 pm

BestCoinList Golden ICO Advertising Plan!

Advertise CrytoCurrency ICOs by Golden, Silver and Bronze Plans which are Provided by BestCoinList!

Our features have been introduced to you, so far. As you know, after signing up you get 50 credits as welcome bonus and you are able to add your ICO for free. Then your ICO will be shown in a Table on homepage and its created page with all details. If you want a perfect view for your ICO, you can active our Advrtising Plans on your ICO. The best plans for ICOs are Golden Plans which have the best positions on homepage.

The Second and Third best plans for ICOs are Silver and Bronze Plans.

BestCoinList Silver ICO Advertising Plan!

There are 2 kinds of golden plans; Random and Fixed golden plans. golden Random plans can be purchased with low price (equal or less than 50 credits). Your ICO will be shown randomly by acttivating these plans on it. By default, your ICO will be shown at home continuously (chance to view will be 100%) but When the number of purchase of “ICO Golden Random Plans” increases your “chance to view” parameter decreases. At the moment “chance to view” of all “ICO Golden Random Plans” is 100%. So you can buy these plans and be sure that your ICO will be shown as a special and preferable product at home.
A Fixed Plan keeps your product on top of special products at Home and list pages. It doesn’t depend on the number of a purchased fixed plan and always will be on the top of special products.
At the moment Random Plans work like Fixed Plans because the number of Activated Random Plans are lower than a special number that makes “Chance to View” parameter to lower than 100%. So be the first ones who take advantage of the chance.

BestCoinList Bronze ICO Advertising Plan!

How to Activate the Golden Advertising Plans on ICOs?

Go to panel, and from manu, click on the “Advertising Plans” item and then choose “Purchase Ads Plans”:

Ads Plans on Your ICOs

You will see plans like this:

Buy Golden Fixed, Random Plans on CryptoCurrency ICOs!

You can learn how to activate plan step by step from the button below:

How To Active ICO Plans

After Activating Gold ICO Plans, Your ICO will be placed at home like this:

BestCoinList Crypto ICOs Advertising Plan!

Learn more about our full automated Advertising System view our BCL Help Page.

Best Regards

BCL Support Team

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BCL Supports