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All‌ ‌You‌ ‌Need‌ ‌to‌ ‌Know‌ ‌about‌ ‌(PRDX)‌ ‌ParamountDax‌ ‌Token‌

All‌ ‌You‌ ‌Need‌ ‌to‌ ‌Know‌ ‌about‌ ‌(PRDX)‌ ‌ParamountDax‌ ‌Token‌

CryptoCurrency Press Release

11th September 201910:53 pm

ParamountDax, a fully EU-regulated Crypto/Fiat exchange. This license allows us to operate as a fully regulated and compliant crypto-fiat exchange provider and allows us to operate and provide cryptocurrency wallets as a service. This is a part of our mission to set the industry standard within the crypto and blockchain space.

ParamountDax is one of the new crypto exchanges licensed before its launch date.

• License FVR000363 for exchanging virtual currency vs fiat currency.

• License FRK000304 for the right to provide virtual currency wallet services.

The advantage of the PRDX token

1. Daily profit

The idea of sharing exchange profit with token holder is a fantastic opportunity for investors. ParamountDax will pay 46% of all Trading Fees charged by the platform as a Bonus reward to the PRDX.

Also, the ParamountDax credit cards are available in 4 types varying on the benefits and depending on the amount invested in PRDX.

This opportunity allows credit card holders to spend their digital currency anytime, anywhere, just like a normal credit card.

This will serve to create more liquidity in the PRDX market by increasing trade in sales and purchases.

The cards are:

– Silver line shares its package with all remaining packages (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black)

-Gold line shares its package with packages with Platinum Line and Blackline (Gold, Platinum, Black)

-Platinum line shares its package with Blackline

(Platinum, Black)

-Blackline does not share with any of the Remaining packages


2. PRDX price increasing:

The market is mainly made up of supply and demand, since there is a very limited supply quantity of tokens, as soon as the request increases the price will tend to rise considerably. This is an indicator of the increasing adoption of PRDX. The PRDX tokens will be bought from the market and redistributed back to all platform representatives. In addition to the direct benefits that PRDX holders gain, ParamountDax exchanges apply multiple strategies to boost the price of the PRDX. The most common strategy is the token buy-back. ParamountDax promise to use part of the profits 46% to buy back the tokens from the market and then redistribute the PRDX back to the users.

3. Cold Wallet:

Speaking of traditional exchanges, all data and funds located in portfolios are at risk in the event of an attack.

This scenario is different from ParamountDax:

To make this possible we have gone further, we have not saved costs to ensure a secure platform at a higher level, we have relied on BitGo, one of the leading blockchain companies that provides a cold portfolio storage service for large companies.

The extent of the damage is limited if the user is kept in a cold wallet.

You will feel comfortable because your tokens will be totally safe, no one will be able to steal them. You will be able to receive your profits day after day in a way totally risk-free.

Here you can see how PRDX token is supported in the company’s cold wallets.

4.Limited supply

Another point to keep in mind about PRDX token is that in addition to the daily profits it generates, is that it will have a very limited supply, we estimate about 50 million PRDX after the burn at the end of the ICO sale, this means that the price over time tends to grow up easily.

With the profits generated by the commissions, we as exchange are committed to buying back tokens at market price, with a buy-back and burn plan. Part of the tokens is burned and the rest is redistributed to users. This is useful for token growth in the long term.

5.Big discount in ICO phase

Currently, it is a good time to buy PRDX tokens. In public Sale, you have a 12% discount.

In Private Sale we decided to meet our investors since we know that Bitcoin is a very volatile asset we decided to evaluate your Bitcoins for a price of $ 13800, that is the maximum peak it has made in the last few months.

This means that PRDX token is sold for $ 0.15 with a + 35% bonus, and your Bitcoins valued at $ 13800 mean that you would pay about $ 0.7 which means that at the time of the launch you have already doubled the capital invested. With this, we are giving our smaller investors the opportunity to obtain the Blackline, the most profitable package on the ParamountDax platform.

6. Get a discount on fees if you trade

The discount is based on the possession of the quantity of PRDX in your wallet. Holding the token in the wallet also allows you to get discounts on trading commissions, more tokens hold and more discounts you have. You get the maximum discount with the Blackline package.


Exchange tokens started to emerge around the middle of 2017. They are categorized as utility tokens and their goal is to give some advantages to the exchange users. Investors have now realized that investing in exchange tokens is now the safest and most profitable investment in the long term among the new tokens because every exchange works every day to make its token grow in value and in this way attract new users.

If you still have questions, our support team will be happy to assist you on Telegram.

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Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov