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Announcement of the ParamountDax phase 1 Beta Testing

Announcement of the ParamountDax phase 1 Beta Testing

CryptoCurrency Press Release

5th December 20192:39 pm

Dear Community and Partners,

You have been showing a great deal of interest in our platform, and we are extremely happy about that. We cannot wait to see the launch of our platform, and we want to make sure that when our platform is launched, it will operate without any single fault and provide our users with the best user experience ever!

Because we take security as a core feature of our platform, we will test our platform in order to check its robustness. It is important to us that we don’t waste your time with a glitchy platform, and ensure that we deliver you the best product possible.

The phase of testing

The phase 1 of our beta testing will be released on 12th December and will end on 31 December 2019, and will be open to the first 100 users who have sent an e-mail to our team at and we will give you 200 PRDX tokens as rewards which will be distributed at the time of the official launch.

Remember, this test is used only for beta testing; any transactions will not be accepted. It is used purely for testing purposes.

The phase 2 of our beta testing will be released on 14th January and will end on 21 January 2020, and will be open to the public to try and provide feedback to improve better the final testing before the launch of the platform. We will publish an announcement for phase 2 Beta testing.

Please understand that not everybody will gain access to our testing.

The final release of the exchange is scheduled before the end of January 2020.

Furthermore, at the launch of the exchange for our investors, we would give a personalized guide service to the knowledge of the platform and we will publish an article about it for all the benefits that we will offer to early investors. Stay tuned!

Become a beta tester of the ParamountDax platform

We couldn’t be happier knowing that there is a decent amount of people inside our core community, that are willing to help and contribute to our platform.

If you are a trader, crypto investor, or just you are interested in the cryptocurrency you have an opportunity to become one of the first who will try the functionality of our trading platform.

You are asked to provide qualitative feedback on the design, user experience, and functionalities. Now we are inviting you to dig in, to test it, to feel it, to get familiar with it! And then give us feedback.

Any bug or improvement requests will be rewarded with the PRDX tokens. You have to test the whole beta product and report feedback.

Users will have an opportunity to test the platform functions and get a first glimpse of what we have been preparing for quite a while. We invite all the traders to check out the beta version, test it and write your feedback as well as suggestions.

Why is Beta Testing important?

Beta testing helps to find the balance between functionality and usability. Beta Testing is important for a number of reasons but mainly quality, performance satisfaction, bug detection, quality and performance detection.

The testing also allows for the analysis of the speed. Of course, this allows for the improvement of the platform based on the feedback of people using the platform as they would at launch.

We are adding new platform features almost every week, thus turning the ParamountDax platform into a truly unique one-stop solution to purchase, exchange, and trade cryptocurrencies. We prefer to focus on fundamental issues, and let our product speak for itself. We are developing a solid and legally compliant infrastructure for both beginners and professional traders, and it has already been recognized by regulators, and service providers.

Bug detection

This is probably the most obvious advantage of beta testing. By creating a “real-world” environment for testing, underlying bugs resulting from changes or upgrades can be detected and fixed. Users are smart and usually very busy.

In summary, The December beta release will be a major breakthrough in the development of the ParamountDax Exchange in general. Our users will finally receive an opportunity to see our definition of transparency. Our team will be very grateful to you for any kind of feedback because we want to make our users experience as simple, understandable and convenient as possible. Thanks to your participation, we are confident we can pinpoint the bugs that might affect the functionality of the platform but also receive sharp comments and feedbacks from you.

Note that this will still not be a final product and some glitches may occur prior to the release of the full version.

Good luck! And see you soon!


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Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov