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3rd September 20195:20 pm


BTC price is highly volatile in nature. In an effort to benefit our investors from this price fluctuation, ParamountDax team has decided to calculate the highest touch of BTC price (probably 13,800) from the beginning of our ICO and give away the corresponding PRDX tokens to our investors. This offer is only for Private investors for which the threshold investment eligibility is just $3,500 that includes anything that an investor has already invested.

This is a great move by ParamountDax team which will boost direct investments in a private sale. With this announcement, Private investors have already earned from PRDX token.

We plan to reward our investors with many opportunities of earning by investing with us and this is just a beginning. We will announce many more in the coming days.

So, before the private sale closes, be a part of ParamountDax for a passive income.

We have already extended the public sale date that offers 12% of bonus tokens whereas Private sale offers a 35% bonus.

Summary: Investors who bought PRDX tokens in BTC or ETH during its low time will now get free tokens worth the highest touch of BTC in Private ICO sale.

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Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov