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Atani, the first global crypto platform where you can connect your exchanges and get automated free tax reports

CryptoCurrency Press Release

27th April 20201:54 pm
  • Save thousands of dollars a year in commissions through discounts offered by Atani and by selecting those exchanges that are best suited to your needs, there are over 20!
  • Have the taxes due for your 2019 crypto investments calculated for free!
  • Get access to great offers on the biggest exchanges (e.g. 20% off Binance fees for life!)
  • Fully non-custodial and private platform – no personal information required!



Your all-in-one crypto platform  

Atani is a global crypto platform that allows users to invest in over 20 exchanges, compare prices between them, and measure holistic portfolio performance from a single platform. In addition, it solves one of investors’ biggest headaches – the calculation of taxes, offering an automated report that details all of your transactions. Atani has a special focus on security, “We’re a non-custodial platform, meaning that we don’t have access to the API keys or the funds of our users”.

Another advantage is the opportunity for arbitrage between exchanges. What does that mean? At a glance, the user can compare the price of any coin between all of their exchanges. For example, if you wanted to purchase Bitcoin with USD, looking at the table, you would probably be interested in buying on Bittrex and selling on OKCoin. This can be done in one click and without having to leave the Atani platform.

Further, you can take advantage of discounts in several exchanges when opening an account through Atani, thanks to the partnerships they’ve developed with the exchanges. For instance, you’ll be able to obtain a 20% discount on Binance commissions without a time or volume limit.

Atani doesn’t take any commission for the transactions you carry out on their platform. They have a subscription-based business model but offer a free tier for those users who are less active, which also includes tax reports. Additionally, if you sign up now you can enjoy the platform completely free until September.


Built by traders, for traders

Atani is a company founded by two siblings, Paul and Haydée, who have extensive experience in the financial and technological sectors. They have been investing in crypto since 2013 and have been backed by a number of top Venture Capital funds. 

The users who can get the most value from Atani are those that use more than one exchange and want to compare prices and liquidity between exchanges, those who wish to enjoy a more intuitive experience investing in crypto, and those who need help calculating their taxes.


What are the differences between exchanges?

The primary distinctions are related to prices, liquidity, commissions, number of coins and the possibility of purchasing with a fiat currency (such as USD or EUR), as opposed to those that only allow buying and selling of crypto.

Choosing an exchange with lower commissions and higher liquidity directly impacts portfolio profitability; what’s more, it’s very easy to do. Atani helps their users by offering transparent information about the commissions that they’re paying for each transaction, as well as facilitating the comparison of prices and liquidity between exchanges to empower them to make the best decision. Let’s look at an example:

In this case, opening an account in Kraken could save the user >$300 per year. Similarly, Binance could lead to savings of over $1,000. Furthermore, if you open an account in these exchanges through Atani, you’ll be able to get the app completely free until March 2021 with a 20% discount on Binance fees for life.


What’s happening with COVID-19?

COVID-19 has caused a storm in financial markets, with stock prices hitting new lows and central banks printing trillions of dollars in response. Although in the short-term crypto coins have seen their value deflate, the volume is already increasing and the prices are recovering. Bitcoin was developed as a response to the last financial crisis and the current economic situation reinforces the narrative in favor of digital assets.


This not a recommendation to buy crypto. Users must understand the volatility and risks involved.


Daniel Sakovics
Daniel Sakovics