BackPacker Coin Has proved its Promise

CryptoCurrency Press Release

6th January 20209:14 pm

From July 7 till now, we have kept the BPC rate stable. We are dedicated to staying with our promise very seriously. In the near future, people will be able to see the price tag of the product in crypto with the help of BPC.

BackPacker Coin is helping the tourists and backpackers to explore the opportunities and travel the world in a hassle-free way. Payment transactions and currency conversion can be frustrating sometimes. Most travelers face low rates of currency conversion, heavy fees of payment gateways and high commission rates from a middleman. So our aim is to impose the decentralized system with the help of blockchain technology to reduce the end cost of transactions.

One of the advantages of using digital currency is transaction fees are almost lower. We are serving as an alternative payment method which eliminates currency conversion charges and people do not need to keep lots of cash with them.
We do not want to limit ourselves. We’re helping the travel and hospitality industry in a broader way.

Airlines, hotels and restaurant chains, taxi service providers, currency brokers, and any other service provider want to connect with BPC then please write to us. Our doors are open for everyone as well as it is win-win for you

backpacker coin
backpacker coin