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BCL (BestCoinList) Web Application for Crypto Product Holders

BCL (BestCoinList) Web Application for Crypto Product Holders

CryptoCurrency Press Release

17th November 20189:17 pm
BestCoinList A CryptoCurency Platform for ICOs, Airdrops, Exchanges, Press Releases.
BCL (BestCoinList) is a great and incredible platform for all users in the Cryptocurrency’s World. BCL contains complete lists of coins, sales, and pre-sales of upcoming, live and finished ICOs, exchanges, airdrops and etc. Our users can find best of crypto products based on their category, dates or any details users are looking for.
As founder of cryptocurrency’s company, you can add your product (ICO, Exchange, Airdrop, PRs) in our lists for free in less than 5 minutes. After adding, your product will be shown at home and the product list pages and also a special and graphical page will be created which exclusively belongs to your product with all the details you’ve submitted. In addition to your crypto product publishing at, we will introduce your product in all social media which we are working with and publish a post about it. There is no limitation, you can add any crypto product you want and we will display it as soon as we confirmed it.
As a premium offer, you can also activate advertising plans on your products. Products which an Advertising Plan has been activated on them will be shown specially and graphically different from other products. After you sign up with BCL, We will give you a “50 Free Credits | Welcome Bonus” box congaing 50 credits. We have a lot of Advertising Plans for your ICO, Exchange, Airdrops and Press Releases. Price of the Plans is between 20 Credits to 300 Credits at the moment. These prices enable you to buy valuable plans with 50 credits you’ve earned at the moment you signed up. Furthermore, you can buy any amount of credits if you wanted to activate our special plans which cost over 50 credits!

There are 2 kinds of advertising plans; Random plans and Fixed plans. All Random plans can be purchased with low price (less than 50 credits). Your crypto product will be shown randomly in this plans. By default, your product will be shown at home continuously (chance to view will be 100%) but When the number of purchase of these type of plans increases your “chance to view” parameter decreases. At the moment “chance to view” of all products is 100%. So you can buy these plans and be sure that your products will be shown as a special and preferable product at home.
A Fixed Plan keeps your product on top of special products at Home and list pages. It doesn’t depend on the number of a purchased fixed plan on the same type of YOUR product and always will be on the top of special products.
At the moment Random Plans work like Fixed Plans because the number of Activated Random Plans are lower than a special number that makes “Chance to View” parameter to lower than 100%. So be the first ones who take advantage of the chance.

In the near future, we will run our ICO on our ERC20 Token. You will be able to convert your credits to our ICO and vice versa. Another great offer is giving ICO for activating every plan. In other words, in addition to advertising of your plan on our website when you activate a plan, you will get a specific number of our tokens in the duration of ICO. Many other offers are expecting you. Be with us and enjoy.

Big Project for future: We will accept other websites as places for your advertising Plans. Websites Holders will sign up on our website as a website holder users and in their unique panel will create a plan like our plans and you can buy these plans with credits. They will get credits you’ve paid and then they can use them in our website tools and facilities or convert them to our token, directly.

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