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BFIC Mainnet Press Release

CryptoCurrency Press Release

8th October 20215:09 pm

Innovation Factory is on the verge of launching their 3rd Generation Blockchain Marvel, the BFIC Mainnet. The firm has planned an ICO Airdrop and will be announcing the launch date of its Mainnet after a successful TestNet run.

Addressing the Issues:

Both the earlier generations of Blockchain have been home to DeFi platforms and crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, ADA Cardano and many more. Yet there was always a tremendous room of improvement of scalability and security.

Even with a solution to the scalability and security solution being addressed to by numerous crypto currencies, the foremost problem that still remained unattended was building a crypto currency with an actual large-scale utility that supports the establishment of a decentralized financial economic system.

Unleashing True Blockchain Power

Based on 3rd Generation blockchain technology, BFIC Mainnet has been designed by combining together the features of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron. A new algorithm has been defined as a result, that utilizes Bitcoin as well as PoS algorithms for blockchain calculations.

The BFIC blockchain is a fork based on TRON, that aims to deliver high performance and scalability. There is an ecosystem of components that make up the BFIC platform which can be divided into 3 main layers. Each layer performs a function to support the layer above it. This is implemented on the BFIC main network through software protocols that make use of API (Application Programming Interfaces) that communicate between layers.

  • Application Layer – Wallets, Smart Contracts, DApps
  • Core Layer – Nodes – Light, Common, Master, Super Representative
  • Network Layer – Internet, Blockchain State, Storage

The algorithm allows the layers to communicate with each other but never collide. This distributed functionality makes BFIC Mainnet super-fast and ultra-secure. With separate layers to perform distinctive functions, the model creates a server-friendly environment to avoid server overload or crash. Needless to say, this makes it super-immune to 3rd party attacks or hacking.

More Power to Smart Contracts:

Smart Contracts hold a crucial essence in Blockchain, and BFIC Mainnet intends to empower them. Creating a smart contract with BFIC Mainnet will benefit the contractors as 25% of the gas fee will go directly to smart contracts.

A Crypto Coin with a Powerful Ecosystem:

BFIC Mainnet will be home to BFI coin, a crypto coin with an exceptionally massive utility-based ecosystem. Unlike any other Crypto Currency till date, BFIC will have the biggest and an ever-growing general-purpose as well as target-specific utility. By far 16 utility projects have already entered the development phase which include:

  • BFIC Network – Smartphone based Crypto Mining
  • Bulleto Smart Contracts – CoMatrix & Dual Matrix Plans
  • Insured Trading – Insurance for Crypto Traders
  • 1st Investment – Custom Crypto Investment Platform
  • XchangeDEX – Decentralized Crypto Exchange Platform
  • BlockHub – Innovative Blockchain Development Solutions
  • BFIC Store – World’s 1st Crypto Commerce Platform
  • Time Travel – Buy Travel & Tourism Plans with BFIC
  • Bbonds – Crypto Currency Bonds
  • Snake & Ladder – An NFT Classical Game powered by BFIC
  • Crypto Cash – BFIC Debit & Credit Cards
  • Trump Card – Advanced Crypto Trading Platform
  • Virtual Meet – Video Conference Platform for Crypto Community

As per the defined roadmap, this ecosystem will be completely up and running by the 4th quarter of 2022. In the longer run, BFIC Mainnet plans to achieve a milestone of enlisting BFIC on New York Exchange by 2026.

kevin rob
kevin rob
I\'m Roman Rob, and I\'m 26 years of age. Iam a Digital Marketing Expert at BFIC. Our company is actively involved in the development of whole financial protocols and ecosystems that will determine the future of digital finance and the economy.