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Big Progress update on the ParamountDax platform

CryptoCurrency Press Release

14th November 201911:22 am

Dear Community,

Today I have some important news to share with you, the last month has been quite busy for our team, our full Advanced Market Detector is right around the corner along with the update to our trading platform. Let’s brush over what has happened over the course of October and gain insight as to what can be expected in the near future from our team.

The Advanced Market Detector show real-time ratings for selected timeframes.

Do You Know the Advanced Market Detector?

The (AMD) is an advanced tool that shows evaluations based on technical indicators. Our beautiful counter allows you to see a summary of different analytical tools. No more filling the chart with a thousand indicators, this (AMD) does it automatically. Furthermore, the assessments change in real-time.

A fast and easy way to analyze the market. We have decided to help our users by implementing a trading indicator based on the most popular technical indicators that make the calculations for you and can help you make better decisions. The indicator is based on a multitude of trading strategies with Moving Averages, Oscillators and Pivots that have been profitable over time, this indicator groups a total of 30 different strategies and it is automatically based on those, it helps a user to make great decisions in a fast, easy and safe way, without filling the graph with indicators.

Anything Else?

We have also updated our footer where to get you resolved, find the relevant article and follow the instructions. Use the search bar or navigate through the categories.

In December 2019, our exchange will be launched and be available to the public. As you can imagine, a lot of work goes behind creating a platform that is designed to provide you with the best possible trading experience. With that in mind, we are confident in meeting our intended deadline and in delivering a high-quality trading experience for all of our users.

We’re making significant progress on many fronts, such as strategies to raise the price of the PRDX, new partnerships, marketing strategies and general growth in the market.

In summary, anything that happens during this month of November will be added to the next month’s update. We want to share our expertise with the broader public for the world to become happy, safe, and wise.

We thank everyone for their support for the project over the past months

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Telegram to ask questions or discuss anything that I’ve just covered.

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Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov