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BuschCoin Project

BuschCoin Project

CryptoCurrency Press Release

3rd December 20198:45 am

AMOC BuschCoin-eu


About BuschCoin.

BuschCoin (BUC) is part of the AMOC ecosystem.
AMOC is a multiplayer online cannabis trading card game with a big seed market in behind.

Did you remember on old times – at the school – all played “stitch” “SuperTrumpf”.

As card game “my car or my plane or my boat is faster as yours”.. “Trumpf”..

But it was not fair that the game owner knows all cards and can play better.

We have tuned the game concept to a real big game with different playing options, and over

14.000 cards to play.

My friend is the owner of the biggest cannabis strain data-base

So by 14k cards nobody can know about the complete card stack..

We have also different game play variants mixed it with some poker-game-rules & variants

to grow it massive up.

Later real massive later if we have our gambling license too, user can bet & win on own

cards, or from outside as guest.

By the way we make sure not a game for cash, and not full of shitty advertisements.

User can pay for a lot of specials, decor sets and sounds, but never anything “to play better for cash”!

Only ONE game-function is with BUC bundled.

Cards also have XP so the card get more worth by time of the years, sure in proportion to the quality of the card, how it looks folded, nice corners or often played how much are worldwide exists of this card and all this data the user must care and clean and polish the cards, or thy get aging in 12 stages.
Farm House And Stack Place

IF a user says oh my god i am too scared to lost this “for him special card” in a fight or (whichever &

why-ever), then he can buy in the affiliate-seed-market THIS strain (min one seed).

THEN This card turns from a normal card to a mother-plant.

A attacked mother-plant gives a same as in the nature “a clone”.

So the attacker gets his fun, the attacked hold his fun, and we have some fun.

All seed producer that i asked in front, say “yeaa” a extra packing with a real physical trading

game card can be deliver to the user.

All seed producer is behind the idea of the game and the marketplace.

It is not easy and need a lot of workers to manage this big marketing, but thanks the seed

producer power with global sales structures in behind, we can do it.

Also a nice game feature…

Mozart old mathematics music compound gambling game.

We will take the effect in the 2-8 player zone.

Every card produces a part of music, and this music is than the background music in this gaming round. You know this simple but nice Mozart music creator stuff?

It`s in German but you will understand music and mathematics.

We decide to Unreal game engine for best options in future.

This game is for years and generations to collect and trade and fight about the trading cards.

Behind sure some marketing strategy’s too.

Companies can give bonus cards for users get more points for a day or get a new color / design / theme for your farmhouse…

So this is not game balancing, and users are happy to get a NICE game-option-bonus card with a small link from the sponsor.


Fact is, we did not work so many nights & weeks, meanwhile years by the way, to crash our nice project with spam, ads or Canadian devil`s.!

PERHAPS later massive later we like to learn more about the erc721 and do anything with it and the gaming cards too. Blockchain will be used for the game, but with sense and less “size” .

We have a small game trailer, done out of the UE4.

The game board will be all in one big area to slide move zoom, but also with fixed cam positions for fast navigation.

The leaf over the globe shows the users from the country that is on upside.

The leaf on top of the farm house is the “Switch” for your stack functions. For trading or polishing or
ALL surfaces are only working titles!

Later the user can switch theme sets and designs and specials…

We formed one year on the buzzwords of the gaming processes.

Now we use the BuschCoin for the game as the real cash in the game and around it,

and also as startup to get the money to found a real big game and marketing studio.

We will give a lot of information if the founding is running fine.

But nerds are not real public-enthusiasts! *Work fast / talk less*
More about the Project you can get direct from

Thanks for watching and have a nice day.. Buschmann

Buschi Buschmann
Buschi Buschmann
Buschmann: Trained retail salesman. German IHK salesman examination for instructor qualification. Cannabis Pioneer, first grow-shop opener in Germany. Cannabis apprentice got a IHK special award for being one of the best from Berlin City. (Salesman special for Grow and Seeds) Cannabis aeroponic research and deployment 1999, WDR Tv news 30sec. Cannabis grow-book author 2003, 2th place in product award. Cannabis patient. Cannabis association, 9 month Teneriffa helping for free. Cannabis Cup Judge, Cannabis / Concentrates / Extracts. Cannabis upgrade product Phosphoderma, 1th place by product award 2016. (Barcelona) Cannabis extraction product designer, main founder of Driptronic SL. Cannabis all fields of experience, Cultivation hardware deployment, Extraction, Selling, round about +180.000h. Computer association c-base, +17..20.. years...