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Caesium Lab To Take On The Global Stage IN GITEX 2021

CryptoCurrency Press Release

16th October 20214:14 pm

The Ultimate Opportunity To Present TIME Blockchain Idea Globally 

CaesiumLab has secured a chance to present its TIME Blockchain concept in GITEX 2021, the world’s largest annual technology exhibition in Dubai. It is a magnificent platform to allow visionary entrepreneurs and developers to discover innovative blockchain technologies. The idea is to enable potential investors to explore the benefits and functionalities of TIME Blockchain. This technology is based on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and is secured by advanced cryptography. CaesiumLab aims at pitching this ideology at the event, keeping a look at potential ecosystem partners and marketing strategic alliances. 

The TIME Blockchain ecosystem is a well-integrated technology that works on Proof of Time (PoT). It’s ecosystem comprises four broad aspects: Gaming, DeFi, dApps, and IoT & Blockchain. Caesium Lab aims at promoting using its blockchain for Thiers users in the ecosystem measuring their active time spent on these platforms. Alpha Returns is the pilot gaming platform built on TIME Blockchain. 

The unique differentiated point of this unique blockchain technology is its consensus using Proof of time, it calculates the users active time and rewards them with Caesium while using the application in its ecosystem that is connected to TIME Blockchain. Users are likely to get higher rewards when they spend more using the Ecosystem application such as playing the decentralized Game. All it requires is the 10,000-users mark to reach the activation point of the blockchain. 

Developers can utilize this open system blockchain technology to gain a larger user base without having to invest in its further development.  Since TIME BLOCKCHAIN has a smart contract (Time Virtual Machine), now developers can conveniently integrate their gaming platforms with their blockchain technology. Time Virtual Machine lays an equal opportunity for developers to integrate their games and applications within the TIME Blockchain ecosystem. The exclusive features of this well-developed platform enhance profitability for those who utilize the benefits of blockchain. 

It is because of these features that the concept of TIME Blockchain has been shortlisted for the Bizthon event within the top 200 places among 690 participants. Its adaptability to different games and applications, fully decentralized ecosystem, t and highly secure sphere count as the key factors. The way Caesium Lab is presenting this blockchain technology is phenomenal. 

CaesiumLab is ready to take on the global platform with this unique rewarding mechanism using its PoT and PoC blockchain consensus. TIME Blockchain not only lays crypto mining opportunities (POW) for its nodes and active time verification but also uses early investors’ token’s for ( POS) staking it to yield rewards.  

About Caesium

TIME Blockchain is a transparent decentralized blockchain platform providing an opportunity to earn CAESIUM tokens as a reward using Active Time (POT) and staking (POS). With Proof of Work (PoW), it becomes easy to provide security and verify non-fungible assets (NFA) in the TIME blockchain. TIME integrated with CAESIUM token helps the network users create new digital assets from the vast ecosystem provided, powered by the TIME Blockchain. The GITEX 2021 is a vast opportunity for CaesiumLab to share its vision on TIMEBlockchain innovative Technology 

Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar