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Dogecoin May Not Make You a Millionaire, but This PandaInu Can

CryptoCurrency Press Release

4th September 20214:27 pm


“Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act.”

Key points:

  • PandaInu supports advanced decentralized apps which makes it a universally accepted wallet for cross-chain networks & the cryptocurrency
  • In the nearest future, it will likely support 38 blockchains across different countries

PandaInu is the first meme token which will supports NFT farming with Panda Wallet in near future. It is a world largest Community-driven Meme token backed by world’s most promising currency ECC and EIFI token. It is Not Just A Meme Token, it is a Future of BSC Meme Ecosystem and Dapp Wallets.

Why Dogecoin may not make you a millionaire?

The cryptocurrency has had a long and problematic history of scams.  The dogecoin price gains may not be sustainable, and it could crash sooner or later. If you don’t sell at just the right moment, the price could plummet and you’ll lose most or all of the money you’ve invested. It has been assumed that it will be difficult for dogecoin to survive in the long run if it will move at the same pace as here are many other big players in the market too such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Today, the long-term Dogecoin forecast is not very bright. During the price falls of March, July, and September, Dogecoin was falling along with the market.

There comes one more hurdle with the Dogecoin is that it is difficult to value. Investors use metrics like revenue, earnings, and discounted cash flows to value stocks. But Dogecoin is neither a cash-generating business, nor an interest-generating asset like a bond. For that reason, speculating on Dogecoin’s future price is more akin to gambling.

But still there is a high chance to get rich in the stock market if you are ready to make a smart move by investing in this PandaInu to save yourself before you sink in, and see yourself be a millionaire in the coming future.


Why we should invest in PandaInu?


PandaInu is a meme protocol from ECC & EIFI Finance Ecosystem, also PandaInu 80% of tokens in Round 1 of Private Sale are already sold and the 2nd round of pre-sale is still running in the market and it will end very soon. Once the 100% tokens will sold, then the price of PWT token will 10x to $0.000500 Per PandaInu.

PandaInu pre-sale Round 2 is near to ends with a good price and soon the round 3 will get started with increased price. So what are you waiting for let’s grab your PandaInu today at lower price and ready to be future king with PandaInu.

Also, PWT token holders will receive 2% as static rewards scheduled for redistribution in the near future who hold the token in the long run.

Right now, the PandaInu Meme token has a community of over 5.5 Million members worldwide and 1 Million communities on different social media platforms. It’s not just a wallet for storing crypto, but it’s also a way for people to earn interest on the crypto they own.

Just like the real giant Pandas can climb as high as 13,000 feet and are also very good swimmers, the same with this PandaInu it has the capability to reach as high as it can and at the same time can face the down situation too. It is built on the system that the token holder will always be on the winning side.

How much can you earn with PandaInu investment?

If you are continuing invest for as many years as possible, your money will grow exponentially. With enough time, you could even become a multimillionaire with this PandaInu.

With every increase in sale of single PandaInu, the value is likely to increase with the immediate effect.

It’s definitely the right time to invest in PandaInu to make your future secured and better.

Here, is the total sale and price structure of the PandaInu token for reference:

Private sale Rounds

Tokens available

Price per token

Round 1

200 billion


Round 2

50 billion


Round 3

25 billion



From the above statistics, one can easily understand the sales trend of the PandaInu token.

It is clearly understood from the table that how the price per token of the PandaInu is increasing with the increase in sale in every round.

In Round 1, the per token price was $0.000050.

In Round 2, the per token price gets 2 times higher than the per token price in Round 1.

In Round 3, the per token price gets 4 times higher than the per token price in Round 1.

   When we talk about the public sale the total tokens of PandaInu available are 10 billion and the price per token is $0.000500 which is 10 times higher than the private sale Round 1. Isn’t it something amazing and excited?

This all shows the upward trend in the sales and price of the PandaInu which is definitely a good symbol to invest more and more in this PandaInu to grow your future.

Also, you can create your referrals from the ECC affiliate links and can earn more profits from the referral buying tokens.

Should you invest $1,000 in PandaInu right now?

Cryptocurrency has been an incredibly volatile investment in the market, but you can convert this volatility to your advantage with PandaInu.

PandaInu is still up as per the road map of its pre-sale rounds and the price of this PandaInu token is likely to climb in the nearest future. With the increase in rounds of sales the price per token also increasing which shows to invest in the PandaInu without giving it a second thought.

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