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Eagle Chain Ecological Public Chain: Industry Chain + Asset Chain + Data Chain + Technology Integration

CryptoCurrency Press Release

1st February 20214:20 pm

Entering 2021, the Blockchain industry is booming again. With the rise of new concepts such as DEFI (Decentralized Finance), the public chain has once again become the focus of the whole blockchain industry. In the blockchain industry, the public chain is equivalent to the operating system in the IT industry, and is the most important infrastructure in the industrial chain.

However, the rise of DeFi concept, let public chain coruscate gives new vitality again however. Defi is developing all sorts of financial applications, starting with digital currency collateral lending. As the basic platform of carrying DEFI application, the public chain is also revived with the rise of DEFI. Finance is still an important area for blockchain technology to land.

Ecological male EAGLE CHAIN on the basis of the third generation of block Chain technology, taking high-new technology as the driver, to share economic strategy, adopts the double consensus mechanism, build a powerful trusted data value network, to serve the global economic market data, build an ecological, a complete business one-stop credible security, ecological environment for individuals, companies can participate in the EAGLE CHAIN the application of the digital economy ecology and chain.

Eagle Chain, launched by Trans Reach International Group, is expected to launch in August 2021.

Eagle Chain Asset Business Ecosystem is a secure, transparent and professional decentralized business application platform. As an industrial public chain with public trust and technical trust. Blockchain technology as the support, the use of blockchain distributed storage, openness, fairness, transparency, data traceability, tamper-free and other technical advantages, greatly reduce transaction costs, improve circulation efficiency. Make full use of distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission blockchain, consensus mechanism, such as technology, encryption share trading information, complete the integration of industry with blockchain platform application system, realize the new technology and traditional industry and the existing application system of seamless cohesion, so as to break through the technical bottleneck of original traditional payment platform, in the chain of blocks in intelligent contracts for its unique payment business logic.

Eagle Chain promotes the commercial application of block Chain assets, combines the underlying technology of block Chain, value network thinking, and block Chain business operation system, to create a brand new ecosystem that can solve the global public’s omni-directional and full-cycle value circulation.

  1. Eagle Chain builds a financial big data platform

Eagle Chain provides a micro for the global small and medium-sized enterprises and commercial can be efficient, safe and reliable digital economy big data blockchain ecological application platform, a borderless circulation, integration of sharing, collaborative innovation global digital source, the digital wallet, digital, digital payments, bank lending, digital financial, digital entity field play an important role.

  1. Realize direct transformation of economic value

Eagle Chain will provide an open network for everyone to choose freely, and the construction of the underlying technology of the public chain will give all tokens on the chain a strong transaction throughput and secure storage environment.

  1. Create a commercial ecosystem of digital economy blockchain assets

Eagle Chain will subvert the traditional industry, establish an advanced and unique decentralized asset business ecosystem, and create a scale digital economy blockchain asset business ecosystem that serves global openness, collaboration, fairness, justice, prosperity and win-win situation.

  1. Build the infrastructure for blockchain services

Security: Zone chain security experts, top risk control and management team from the inside to the outside to create a variety of security mechanisms, multi-layer encryption, multi-level firewall, multi-signature, limit protection of user assets security.

Efficient: the use of advanced memory algorithm, fast read and write, distributed information transmission framework, can real-time matching large-scale transactions

Transparency: In the trading process, the decentralized exchange is automatically matched by the smart contract after the user gives the trading order. Asset transfer is completed on the chain, the transaction record chain can be checked, open and transparent. There is no risk of a backroom operation on a centralised exchange

  1. Top public chain technical framework

Eagle Public Chain realizes the coupling of alliance chain + multi-mainstream public chain data on the chain, and guarantees the transparency of asset circulation and investment with the trust-removing characteristics of blockchain technology. At the same time, side chain structure is constructed, and smart contracts are deployed on the main chain, such as transactions, to improve system operating efficiency.

  1. A strong trusted data value network

Eagle Chain will build a strong trusted data value network to serve the global data economy market. Build a complete asset commercial ecology and provide a one-stop, credible and safe ecological environment, so that individuals and enterprises can participate in the application of Eagle Chain digital economy asset commercial ecological public chain. In the future, Eagle Chain will realize online and offline interconnection, and everything will be connected together. It will integrate blockchain, supply chain finance, big data and artificial intelligence technology, establish a token economy system, and create a new global digital economy.