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EIFI Finance Announces the Launch of EIFI AMM DEX Platform in August 2021.

CryptoCurrency Press Release

28th July 20213:47 pm

EIFI Finance to Announce the Launch of EIFI AMM DEX Platform with DeFi Protocols on August 2021.

With the bull market pushing ETH price to $1,900 and the average network transaction fee climbing over $19, DeFi market heightens the entrance barriers for the traders and developers. Meanwhile, EIFI Finance announces the launch of the EIFI AMM DEX platform with a gas fee compensation mechanism, opening broader horizons for DEX traders.

EIFI Finance platform allows users to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. Its primary goal is to ensure each user’s fair right to vote for the platform’s future in the governing DAO and democratize trading for the market participants.


EIFI Finance Gift

EIFI Finance Gift is a token allocation mechanism, which links the extent to which users participate in the project’s governance to the frequency of the platform’s utilization and compensates the Gas fees for L1 users with the project’s tokens, EIFI.

EIFI is a platform-native functional utility token and is not and never will be subject to sale in form of public sale or private placement. Users can claim EIFI to their wallets as compensation for their Gas fees at the rate of 1 EIFI = 1 DAI.

The users of EIFI Finance would be able to stake their token in exchange for the time value of voting power and use it in curetting the further development of the platform and the addition of the new features. Thus, the most active users can have more weight in decision-making.

EIFI Finance is a new platform that has gained considerable attention from the entire cryptocurrency community in the world. EIFI Finance is an AMM decentralized exchange that runs on the Binance smart chain network. Its transaction and monetization features are based on the AMM protocol. It allows blockchain participants to provide liquidity and BSC Demonstrating market for others to exchange their native tokens. In return, subscribers pay a small fee for liquidity, and the vendors earn their deposit back. EIFI Finance is a platform that works on the AMM protocol. An “Automated Market Generator powers its system.”

EIFI Finance is operated on the AMM protocol, enabling users to trade with each other through the liquidity pool and earns returns from trading fees. It offers users a quick, efficient, and powerful liquidity to upgrade the constant product pool and put their capital to work. It is also moving forward by optimizing ownership by driving towards the development of financial institutions. 

Its EIFI token is a native token built on the BSC. EIFI Holders of this currency can save money & pay less for subscriptions in comparison to other fiat currencies. EIFI Finance system comes with a firmly designed system that can withstand the cryptocurrency market. The company has also introduced incentives to keep the demand constant. Furthermore, being a native token enables users to transact in multi-assets like ECC & other custom tokens.

The EIFI Finance Company follows two different distribution principles, which are optimal decentralization and efficient distribution. The process concludes with four stages; seed phase, strategic partner, private phase, and public sale.

EIFI Finance plans to launch the AMM DEX by the end of this August, after which it will start its listing process on meaningful exchanges like MXC, GATE, and Binance. The company also revealed that, after successfully launching AMM, they would soon move to their NFT initiative, and by December 2021, users will be able to access their NFT marketplace.

Furthermore, EIFI Finance has already opened its potential customer white list program. The official launched and users received the email for subscribe the list.

EIFI Finance was the first innovator to achieve the goal of bringing positive changes with BSC globally. The first White list sale is always sought after by visionary investors because this is the opportunity to witness a revolutionary step toward the future of blockchain. EIFI Finance also offers a user-friendly architecture by overcoming many technical barriers found in many of its competitors. With its future-proof technology, investors are already deploying from BSC, which demonstrates EIFI Finance reputation and potential.

About EIFI Finance

EIFI Finance is an AMM-based decentralized exchange (DEX) which is formally called an aggregator also this platform allows anyone to discover and trade tokens at the best prices. Always get the best price via our automatic order routing system searching all major DEXs including Uniswap (V2 and V3), Sushi Swap, and many more. Trade fast, simple, and transparently, with zero added fees or commissions.

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Eifi finance
Eifi finance
EIFI project is a fairly new decentralized exchange (DEX) that’s been created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The automated market maker (AMM) offers users a number of innovative ways to create income streams from their cryptocurrencies