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EIFI Finance

CryptoCurrency Press Release

18th July 202111:11 am

Summary: EIFI Finance, the crypto asset management, and yield farming finance platform, has developed a marketplace for NFT and IDO. In addition, this Decentralized Finance Platform proffers new agilities to crypto investors within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

21 June 2021, London, England

EIFI Finance is web-based cryptocurrency management and community-driven platform established in 2021. The new name in the crypto market, EIFI, aims to proffer crypto services and the platform for 1,00,000 users from over 40 countries. At EIFI, traders, liquidity providers, and developers alike are empowered to penetrate a marketplace convenient for lend, borrow, EIFI stack and yield farming, and EIFI swap.

Enlightening the platform’s focus and aspiration, the CEO of EIFI Finance stated, “We want to be known for our ongoing efforts for the development of decentralized and centralized exchange development. A few early works of us have awarded us with the label of ‘pioneers of Crypto Exchange Technology,’ and we focus on continuing growing to achieve greater goals in future.”

In the current crypto investment market, the term “Yield Farming” has become quite popular. Yield farming is the process of locking funds to gain greater rewards from the market. EIFI advantages holders to higher APIs, letting them lend out cryptos under Defi protocols through its interest platform for gaining adjustable interest rates to lending markets.

EIFI has assembled all these facilities with the utmost level of practicality and efficiency since, from its core, it’s an AMM Dex platform. AMM (Automated Market Maker) comes under a decentralized exchange protocol category, utilizing mathematical formula or pricing algorithm instead of traditional exchange’s order book. Moreover, EIFI’s Cross-Chain AMM Dex, being a highly competitive protocol, empowers users to change to other blockchains just by a few clicks.

EIFI Finance finely attunes NFTs and IDO marketplace with a cross-chain platform with the help of Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain is a type of blockchain technology, more efficient than other variants because of being faster and cheaper. Besides offering a decentralized platform, EIFI increases inspectability and security, transparency, self-custody, permissionlesssness, and more for its users.

About EIFI Finance

Incepted in 2021, EIFI currently operates in the crypto market with a diverse and far-reaching group comprising a member from close to every continent. The EIFI community is present in Europe, South Africa, Russia, the USA, China, Vietnam, and Korea, comprising over 20,000 people. For more details, please visit

Media Contact

Company Name: EIFI Finance

Address: 51 Epirus Road, London, England, SW6 7UR

Contact Person: Emilie Siobhan Geoghegan Francois


Phone: +44–658881001

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Eifi finance
Eifi finance
EIFI project is a fairly new decentralized exchange (DEX) that’s been created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The automated market maker (AMM) offers users a number of innovative ways to create income streams from their cryptocurrencies