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Free ICO listing sites

Free ICO listing sites

CryptoCurrency Press Release

19th August 20192:01 am

Bitcoin and Others!

2016-2017 Bitcoin price increased suddenly.  A lot has happened to Cryptocurrency’s world! Investors gave a lot of attention to Cryptocurrency that led to emerging Initial Coin Offering (ICO)!

The Cryptocurrency market hosts over 2000 digitals currencies and still expanding. More and more ICOs have been created and continued to gain popularity. As you know, there are good projects and also scams ones, and we don’t want to point them in this article.

A way of Introducing Projects!

Founders are required to attract investors to invest in their projects. Therefore they look for websites which can introduce and advertise their projects. Well, if you are one of them and are looking for the best website that shows and introduces your project very well, you are supposed to read this article.

There are a lot of websites that you can list your ICO for free! If you want to be top of that list or have the best space of those websites for view, you have to pay the price. These prices at these websites can be from $100 to $10000.

For attracting investors to your project, as we said before, you are required to have a functional idea, you also need to advertising that introduces your ICO perfect! Well, absolutely for those advertising you must pay money a lot. Therefore, just listing cannot help you to show your project as well as it is. Your project can not gain viewers a lot and cannot reach that popularity that deserves it!

But the Best Way of It

Understanding your requirements led to designing a platform that we are proud of announcing you can add your project to the BestCoinList for free, and also get a special place for your project which all viewers of the website can see it at first sight.

After signing up for the website for free, instantly you will get 50 credits as a Welcome Bonus. After adding your ICO, you can activate Gold, Bronze, or Silver plan with 50 credits. So you will get the best space that shows your ICO to everyone who comes to the website at first sight! Your project automatically will also post for free on our Twitter, Facebook, Telegram Channel, and Linkedin.

Search at Google; cryptocurrency listing websites! Surely, you cannot find a platform like that you can add and advertise ICOs at the best places on the website for free!

BestCoinList have thousands of viewers per day that come from social networks and search engines! Featured projects have a 100% view chance. These exclusive places at the website have been designed graphically give important information about your project to the viewer at first sight. Therefore, you should sign up, submit your ICO, and activate a plan. All are for free now.

We hope this article be useful for you and enjoy it.

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