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Introducing WISE Token (Staking) – The Smartest Way to Earn Crypto

CryptoCurrency Press Release

12th August 202010:10 pm

With crypto mining becoming less profitable each day, Staking is quickly emerging as a promising way for users/investors to make money with cryptocurrencies.

Those engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies must be struggling to pay for equipment and electricity cost, let alone make any profit from their efforts. That’s because both the difficulty and competition in the crypto mining industry have increased dramatically in the past couple of years.

Thankfully, mining isn’t the only way to earn with cryptocurrencies. Staking is a much profitable and easier way you can earn cryptocurrencies.

WISE token gives you this unique opportunity to increase your fund value through Staking. Staking involves locking up your funds in the contract for a certain period of time, in exchange for which you will earn interest and rewards. Besides allowing you to earn money from the safety of your private wallets, the WISE contract also provides a massive liquidity pool so that you can cash out (withdraw) your profits at any time.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Reserved WISE

During the 50-day launch period, investors can buy or reserve WISE tokens by sending ETH to the contract. About 1 Million tokens will be available to stake each day of launch, which will be given to holders in proportion to their ETH investment.

More than 90% of the launch funds will go to Uniswap to form a huge liquidity pool.

Step 2: Stake WISE

Once you’ve got your WISE tokens, you can lock them up in the smart contract and continue to earn interest over the stake duration. Depending on how long you stake, you can earn unlimited returns with the WISE contract.

WISE gives you the flexibility to withdraw your interest rewards at any time for zero fees. However, if you choose to redeem your stake, there may be a penalty levied on the principal amount, which will be further distributed to other stakers.

Step 3: Sell WISE

Want to sell your tokens? The Uniswap DEX (decentralized exchange) of WISE allows you to cash out your stake at any time and instantly. The exchange requires no KYC and allows you to exchange tokens from your private wallet.

WISE smart contracts are highly secure and immutable. They are regularly audited for errors and bugs. Moreover, you will always have complete control over your funds and can withdraw or sell at any time you want.

To know more about the WISE token and staking, visit

John Rex
John Rex