Learn all the ParamountDax Unique Trading Features and Advantages.

CryptoCurrency Press Release

30th October 20191:11 pm

Dear Community,

As we get closer each day to our trading platform launch, we wanted to take the chance to explain and describe all our unique trading features and advantages. The progress we have unveiled this month at ParamountDax is the result of many challenges faced behind the scenes.

We take delays and development issues and turn them into a determination and passion to create an industry-leading platform.

We have worked extremely hard on the platform and systems for over a year now and we cannot wait to conclude the beta phase with the Exchange launch.

Key Features

We are among the first and one of the most technologically advanced exchanges. We offer our traders a High-Frequency Trading exchange build from scratch.

– Trade Directly From The Chart (ATC)

– Easy Trade

– Advanced Market Detector (AMD)

– Margin Trading

– OTC Desk

– Strong Referral

– Risk-Free

– Low fees

– Multi-language

– Stop Limit

– Stop-loss order

– Limit order

Standard stop-loss and limit orders are free to be placed and can be implemented either in the dealing ticket when you first place your trade or when attached to trade after you have opened edit.

All features are on a single page without having to scroll down to the access order book, trade history, depth chart or other important information.

Advantages trading on ParamountDax

Our platform has many advantages that will attract so many traders all over the world to trade in the ParamountDax.

Here we are presenting some of the most prominent advantages of trading in ParamountDax Exchange.

  • Our Unique Trading Interface, is easy for anyone to understand, with clear sections.
  • ParamountDax has some unique advantages over other exchanges after you’ve learned the ropes.
  • The simplicity and depth chart are certain to satisfy the needs of any trader at any experience level.
  • PRDX Holders receive a discount, the discount is based on the possession of the quantity of PRDX in your wallet.
  • Unique security measurements for all users including insurances against hack and employee mistakes, cold wallet storage and strong referral program.
  • Opportunity to set the price level in terms of the graphical showings.
  • Our deep liquidity — attracts algorithmic API-traders, swing traders and institutional traders.
  • Professional trading screen with special indicators, new trading functionality and order execution.
  • Daily profit, ParamountDax will pay 46% of all Trading Fees charged by the platform as a Bonus reward to the PRDX holders.
  • Increase TPS from 100.000 to 1 million transactions per second.
  • High Liquidity, the high liquidity means large amounts of money.
  • ParamountDax allow traders to buy and sell in the market using significant amounts of leverage, which gives them the ability to trade with higher amounts of money than what is actually in their account

ParamountDax is user-friendly. While traditional exchanges may bombard users with complex interfaces, ParamountDax tends to be simple and transparent.

The advanced platform, most of all solutions include advanced technical indicators and order types.

The ParamountDax platform is appealing for both the most experienced traders and new traders — offering an opportunity for the two to synergistically profit alongside one another.

As always, your feedback and questions are welcome

Good luck! And see you soon!

Website: https://paramountdax.io/

View MVP: https://staging.paramountdax.com

And here’s how to get involved with the ParamountDax community:

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/LNehJxUX9sVoZabNrnaEZA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ParamountDax

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paramountdax-2024636494500768

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5137789.0

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ParamountDax/

Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov