Megamining continue to expand their data centers in china once again. New upgrade plans launched by Megaminining

CryptoCurrency Press Release

26th February 20203:00 pm

Megamining is one of the leading bitcoin mining service provider. It has data centers situated worldwide. Mega has more than 2 lac, active users. Mega now planning to expand its data centers. This Europe based mining company now looking forward to targeting Chinese bitcoin mining industries. As we know China is the hub of the bitcoin mining business. 80% of bitcoin mined by Chinese people. the main reason behind that is the profitability of the mining business. 

As electricity cost in china is lower than in other countries. So it definitely increases mining profitability. Critics, Says this is a bold move taken by the Megamining team. They looking forward to increasing their mining data centers by partnering with Chinese local mining companies. 

After expanding their data center they are looking forward to redesigning their mining plans. They launch new mining plans on 24 Feb 2020. The new mining plan is designed with the name “Whale”. 

Detail About New Bitcoin Mining Plans.

  • 0.00126000 BTC/Minute
  • 1.8144 BTC/Day
  • 100 % Affiliate Bonus

Everyone can buy these amazing mining plans with 5BTC which is lowest than other bitcoin mining companies like Genesis mining, hash flare, hasing24, etc.

CEO, Megamining Says, We are focusing on the performance and maintenance of our mining hardware which ensures high-speed mining and makes Megamining a highly profitable bitcoin mining farm in the world. We have more than 2 lac, active happy miners. We called it “Mega Family”.