Other Important Updates from the ParamountDax Team

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29th September 20191:35 pm

Dear Community Members and Investors,


The ParamountDax Team would like to take a moment and thank each and every one of you for the extraordinary support. Much has been accomplished in a very short time and testimony to that are the overwhelming interest for PRDX Tokens.

We wanted to make a brief announcement that the ParamountDax private sale and public token sale has successfully closed, but we give the chance to investors who are in our Waitlist to invest till the 10th of October.

All the information about the exchange launch will be after October 10th, stay tuned for more!

This will enable us to continue working hard to make the project even better prior to the launch of the exchange.

We did our best to ensure that the purchasers are true supporters of the project and believe in the long term prospects. Some of them had been with us since the very early days, while others were already users of our first.

                      Token sale details:

ICO Start: May 18th, 2019 11.00 am (UTC +1)

ICO End: September 23th 2019 12.00 PM (UTC +1)

PRDX Token Supply: 100,000,000

1 PRDX Token Price: 0,15 USD

We will inform our community about raised funds after the 10th of October. The team is very excited to announce that after the start of the ICO, we have implemented everything that was provided in the soft cap, middle cap, and the Hard cap. Thank you all for helping us achieve this milestone! We are sure that our project will become successful and now it has fully started!

Together we have managed to achieve our first target! Thank you very much, your support has been invaluable! In addition, this process has led to the emergence of a solid community. Investors around the world are talking about ParamountDax

Moreover, the founders of the project have a surprise for community members after launch, follow the news!

About the Platform

We are still waiting for the Audit Penetration Report, as you know, security remains the most important thing for the team and for our users.

According to our last update published a few weeks ago. The platform will undergo significant testing and reliability, while the launch of the trading platform itself is expected in the following weeks, we will inform the community the exact date of the launch. Thanks to our relationship with the community, we are very confident that we will achieve all of our set goals, we are working on improvements based upon the community’s feedback as we speak.

In conclusion, We thank everyone for bringing in their lives our project ParamountDax, and we are honored to invite you to continue to contribute to its growth. Thank you for your patience and for being our loyal supporters who believe in our great project!

As always, if you have any questions, join us on Telegram in order to keep updated on the project progress.

Join us and tell your friends so that we will accelerate the launch of the platform.

Good luck! And see you soon!

Website: https://paramountdax.io/

View MVP: https://staging.paramountdax.com

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Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov