ParamountDax Project Progress and Future Plans

CryptoCurrency Press Release

3rd September 20193:28 pm

Dear ParamountDax Community,

Thank you for your support all this while, especially in this bear market. Without your support and constant feedback we would not have achieved our current success, and continue to achieve it.

We want to take this opportunity to share with you the current happenings of ParamountDax, our future plans for the exchange and our promise to you.

Read on to find out.

The ParamountDax Key Features

– Daily Profit

– Trading From the Chart

– Strong Referral

– Advanced Customer Care

– Easy Trade

– Risk-Free

ParamountDax Moving Forward

In this ongoing bear market, we are not going to be passive and “Wait out the storm”. Instead, massive action is and will be taken in this window of opportunity to stake our claim as a world-class exchange.

Asian and European Investors Acquire Majority Holding Stake In ParamountDax

It is our pleasure and good business fortune to have been acquired by a consortium of experienced Crypto investors from(China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Russia, Italy, Holland, etc..), more and more people start to invest in PRDX.

Companies and entrepreneurs start to pay attention to the opportunities that ParamountDax gives.

We want to reach both retail and institutional investors. Our target has always been more retail-focused, but now institutions are coming into crypto and we are seeing that.

Internationally, we have finalized a partnership for KYC services and will continue to have more service partners in different countries and continents.

We are in negotiations and constantly looking for new partnerships with strong projects in the digital resources space. The close relations with the Blockchain protocols will bring more operators to the exchange. By ensuring this partnership, ParamountDax Exchange will also have priority when listing new projects based on the Blockchain protocols.

Our Promise to our Community, our focus has been and continues to be about providing value to you. This means first and foremost ensuring strong business growth for the exchange as well as adding user-centric features to our trading platform.

In addition, we want to assure you that the PRDX token is very much a priority for the team and we will provide updates to the community once plans have been finalized.

Global Communities

We will continue to build communities for different countries and languages to reach more users, and we want ParamountDax to be a global brand that respects and adapts to the individual needs and requirements for each specific user group. By having specific communities for our user base, we hope to attend to the needs of our users in their native language.

Following the development of the global communities and localized markets based on platform, we will focus more on our marketing power in these specific regions, as I stated above. We will, of course, continue our global marketing campaigns, but as we expand into more specific countries or areas, they need to be targeted as well.

We will continue to update the community periodically through articles like these. We look forward to more voices and support from the community.

Paramount Future and Plans

Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov