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30th September 20195:34 pm

Another update on our journey to create a sustainable, valuable and recognized Exchange. This publication in September month comes with several updates on different fields that the ParamountDax Team has been working very hard on.

We have expanded our team globally, we now have our operations set up in Russia, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, and India. The main reason for our team expansion is that we see ParamountDax as an international Exchange that will bridge the gaps between the East and the West. We believe that Blockchain will start many cross-boundaries dialogues and we are excited to spearhead the efforts on this. We are happy to have these new employees on our team!

Selen Aksamoglu Community manager in Turkey

We are delighted to welcome Selen to our Team, Selen’s skills that she got working with many companies are Project Manager with more than six years in the translation sector. Skilled in Translation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Market Research, Strategy and Business Development, Operations, Performance Improvement and also Digital Marketing & Community Management in Cryptocurrency sector. She is an experienced financial service business development professional with a proven record within the city of Istanbul. We are lucky to have you aboard.

Tony Leung Community Manager in– China,

We are very happy to welcome Tony Leung, previously he worked in overseas digital marketing start-up as blockchain marketing team leader, excelled in social media marketing, cryptocurrency & blockchain industry marketing. He has solid experience serving big names like ANX, OAX, NYNJA, EnergiMine, LikeCoin. We wish you a great success on this new journey with us.

Nutthalyne Z. Jones Community Manager in Thailand

ParamountDax is pleased to introduce our newest member, Nutthalyne’s has been in the crypto and blockchain industry since 2015. Over the years, she had the opportunity to meet and talk with the blockchain developers from many fields. Moreover, many of the companies that she has been working on had a good experience through the journey in the blockchain industry. Which greatly increases her passion for blockchain and crypto, she always sees its charm and ability that one day it will definitely change the whole world. We are excited to have her as part of the team.

Hoang Anh Bu Community Manager in Vietnam

We welcome to our “dream team” our Blockchain enthusiast, Hoang is Interested in Marketing and Crypto, a crypto marketer and he has been involved with the promotion and marketing of many blockchain projects. As a crypto and blockchain enthusiast, he enjoys the work with people from different countries, different cultures. We are assured of the great added value by Hoang joining us, with his practical extensive diversified experience, and we are happy about this new entry and proud of what he has done so far.

Sarah (Saerom Hong) Community Manager in Korea

Welcoming our new colleague Sarah, she is a blockchain marketing expert. She graduated B.B.A from Seoul Women’s University. During her college years, she did study abroad to Northern Arizona University. Furthermore, she was the very first study abroad student who joined business professional fraternity which is Delta Sigma Pi.

In 2015, she started her career at freight forwarding company which deals with the whole shipment of LG Electronics. She also worked at one of the best sellers on Amazon as a business development manager.

She has been working in the blockchain field since last year and showing successful fundraising for ICO/IEO projects. Through her blockchain marketing experiences, Hong also developed her own marketing solutions per customer’s demand. She takes care of all marketing and fundraising tasks skillfully and brings new momentum to our company. We are looking forward to working with you.

We believe in people and have uniquely built our business and team by recognizing human super skills as a core strategic asset to be impactful. We wish you a great success on this new journey with us.

In Conclusion, Community is always at the heart of our project and we could not have achieved this far without your support. So far, we have placed a great emphasis on communicating with community members in order to keep them updated with the latest news and make them more engaged in our activities. We look forward to an exciting year and many more developments. But we just wanted to take this moment and thank you all for your tremendous support. We welcome our new members and look forward to a productive time together.

Good luck! And see you soon!


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Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov