ParamountDax Security Audit Result

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6th November 20199:54 am

Dear Community,

At the start of this project, we set out to create an exchange that would be different from the traditional exchanges.

We understand that professionally conducted, independent security audits are essential to ensure the infrastructure related to the ParamountDax meets the security requirements expected of a global currency.

With our expected launch, we would like to share the results of the security audits, we did so far.

The process of securing an effective audit of the ParamountDax Exchange involved finding a reputable cybersecurity firm possessing sufficient knowledge of cryptocurrency. In September 2019 we concluded that HackingProof was sufficiently qualified to provide these services and contracted them to conduct a full audit of the ParamountDax platform.

The result of the Audit

We want to thank the amazing team at HackingProof for their insightful comments and suggestions. We are satisfied with the audit returns and positive feedbacks and will continue to do everything to make ParamountDax as secure as possible.

The result proves that the hard work of our security department pays off and ParamountDax Exchange provides users with the highest level of security standards. The ParamountDax team will continue working closely with external cybersecurity experts to ensure the stability and security of our systems.

The main goal of the security audit is to ensure that the exchange will work as intended and to verify that it can not harm end-users.

Vulnerability founded:

We are pleased to tell you that no critical security was identified.

  • Minor Security issue found and Fixed
  • Different minor security
  • One Major vulnerability found and the Team is working On.

The Security Audit shows also good public recognition of our work because this opens new doors and shows that we are a trustworthy project.

We also promised that we would do everything in our power to make it as safe as possible. Although nothing can ever be a hundred percent bulletproof, we can still create the most secure exchange on the Crypto Space.

In conclusion, In order to manage everyone’s expectations, we will soon release a blog post about the launch, where we will explain what features will be available during the launch and what are the future steps in our exciting journey!

The completion of this audit helps confirm that the development of the ParamountDax Exchange is carried out responsibly, effectively and with great care given to the security of our users.

Please follow our official accounts for the latest developments and exciting news!

If you have any subsequent questions or just want to speak with someone from the ParamountDax Team, please do not hesitate to reach out on Telegram.

We will spend as much time as necessary to work through any technical issues.

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Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov