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30th October 20191:04 pm

Dear Community,

We are happy to build the next-generation platform for the cryptocurrency community. ParamountDax Exchange is Made from the Scratch and not White Label Exchange like 95% of the Exchanges on the Market (The basically Buy the Software and Add logo on), but in most of the cases, they do not understand anything about Matching Engine and Coding Algorithms.

All processes are centered around the idea to receive the optimal software for a perspective exchange. It makes ParamountDax radically different. We only use new solutions to set an innovative exchange.

Forging Ahead

The ParamountDax platform will support transactions from 100.000 to 1 million transactions per second. Our High Frequency Trading Exchange has reached 1 million TPS in tests.

Another feature of the platform is the transaction cancel function, which allows users to cancel transactions without paying a fine or fee.

Our software is built from scratch with a wide range of capabilities and advantages to focus on.

The majority of people trading will never need more than a few hundred transactions per second to notice a near-seamless experience.

But the technology has been developed and we believe our exchange will be the fastest possible.

We are proud to offer one of the best and most unique centralized exchanges.

A team of professionals and highly experienced teams tried their best to provide the highest level of security with the highest level of security. We are one thousand times faster than other centralized exchanges so that one million transactions per second will surely surprise you. Create a series of interesting and profitable business for yourself and your family and dear one.

ParamountDax is built on a core technology that has high-speed and high-performance servers. The platform verifies the transaction and makes it instantly. We want to make crypto trading easier, faster and accessible to anyone. ParamountDax is ready to host a big number of people worldwide through outstanding benefits to help you gain easy access.

Low fees

The trading and withdrawal fees will be held as low as possible.

Our CEO said “The real intent of cryptocurrency was to free people from controlled financial systems that charged high transactional and monthly fees, but I have now realized that even the existing exchanges we have are going back to what we were supposed to be freed from — high fees. That’s why at ParamountDax we decided to drop our fees.”

Our mission is to become one of the leading and fast-growing crypto-exchange platforms around the globe.

In conclusion, this would be a great opportunity to thank all our supporters and valuable community members and appreciate the hard work of the team. But we are not there yet! We cannot think too far ahead in regards to celebrations, as the whole team is 100% focused on delivery and we have a few more milestones to achieve! We strongly look forward to fulfilling the expectations that you have of us and in delivering our promised exchange and features.

Good luck! And see you soon!

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Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov