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Set up your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

CryptoCurrency Press Release

4th July 20212:12 pm

A cryptocurrency exchange platform or digital currency exchange (DCE) platform is an exchange where we can buy or sell cryptocurrencies in online platform. So, users can trade them using electronic monetary units, fiat currencies, or other digital assets. Dollars, euros, pounds, yen, and yuan, for example, are fiat currencies, Digital assets are any assets that exist electronically, such as domain names, files, virtual property, or digitalcurrency.

Different Cryptocurrency Exchange Types

Cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms where traders can exchange one cryptocurrency for a fiat currency or another cryptocurrency. In other words, it is either like a currency exchange at a bank or airport or a stock exchange.

Below are the definitions of the most common types of exchanges:

Direct Trading Platform

This type of platform offers P2Ps trading between sellers and buyets. In other words, buyers and sellers deal directly and not through an exchange platform.

There is no fixed market price in this type of trade. Sellers typically set their own exchange rates.

Traditional cryptocurrency exchange

These are similar to a traditional stock exchange. Buyers and sellers base their trade on the current cryptocurrencies’ market price. The exchange, therefore, plays the role of intermediary.

Coinjoker is a leading cryptocurrency exchange development company pioneer in developing a high-end cryptocurrency exchange/trading website platform with their Whitelabel Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Exchange Script which makes transactions faster. Whether you want to build your exchange platform from scratch or to leverage white label exchange development solutions, we can help and assist you. We offer customized crypto development solutions to help you accomplish your business goals and make a way for your long term success.

Salient Features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Admin Features

Analytical Dashboards

Trade Pair Management

Feedback System

Dispute Mangement

Organize Risk Management

Post Buy/Sell Ads

Currency and Language Settings


User Features

Spot Trading

Atomic Swap

Payment Mode

Mobile Trading

View History

Recent Orders


Security Features

DDoS Mitigation

Escrow Managment

Two Factor Authentication

SSL Integration

AML Verification

CSRF Protection

Salient Features of our Crypto Exchange Platform

Admin Console
UI/UX Branding
Order Book with Matching Engine
Customer Management System
Document Management
2-Factor Authentication
System for KYC/Verification
Wallet Management System
Block Confirmation tracking
ERC20 compatible

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