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Spiritual Indian Art on NFT Store by Government Advisory firm

CryptoCurrency Press Release

8th June 20214:47 pm

New NFT store for Indian artworks has been created by a government advisory firm based in India, Sapio Analytics, through its division Sapio Heritage. The store is hosted on Opensea’s NFT marketplace and currently includes paintings by modern Indian artists, with a focus on art that can help in elevation of human consciousness. 

Named “Sapio Heritage Art“, the store describes itself as a collector of the greatest artworks in the world. “This store focuses on Art, art that may belong to unknown legends being considered as some of the greatest artworks ever created by humankind, as well as art created by modern upcoming artists. The common binding factor between all artworks on our store is that they are all designed to help raise the level of consciousness of those who see the art in their true form”, says the store. 

Currently housing works by Sujan Biswas, a celebrated artist with nature as the motif of all its artworks, Sanjana Gupta, architectural artist representing cities through the strokes of modernised ancient techniques, and Simran Manhas, a creator of deep representative artworks, the store claims to have access to the earliest surviving Hindu painting among other rare gems from ancient India. 

“The store is currently open for interests by buyers and shall be opened for auctions of different paintings in due time”, says Ashwin Srivastava of Sapio Heritage. Sapio Heritage also owns labels for spiritual music and podcasts, while also working on technology enabled restoration of heritage works. “Our team has handpicked each of these respected artists, and have curated the works that we feel can create an impact on humanity. We are starting off the store with artists whose true value is realised when their work is seen in the unique context in which we are presenting it, and the power of blockchain shall be used to securely establish their origin and provenance”, adds Srivastava. 

Sapio Heritage has recently been in news for bringing the first spiritual music in the world on NFT, through its partner music label Ajanta HC Music. Sahastra Vishnu Naam is a 68-minutes long Hymn invoking the thousand names of Lord Vishnu, a supreme deity in the Hindu religion, performed by Naad Dhyan Yogini, Sadhana Yogalakshmi. 

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