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CryptoCurrency Press Release

23rd November 20216:11 pm

Since a hugely successful launch 48 hours ago, innovative crypto token, SQUIRT GAME is playing the crypto game differently. In a world where trust is hard to find, the $SQUIRT team has gone over and above to not just do things the right way but to earn the trust of their rapidly growing community.

SQUIRT GAME is a part-meme, part adult-themed decentralized token, established on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The SQUIRT token will allow holders to upload and trade SQUIRT NFT assets, play games, access exclusive content, live shows, videos, VR, AR and adult metaverse content.

Key features of $SQUIRT

  • 4500+ Holders within 48 hours
  • Sold Out Presale in 24 hours
  • Locked Liquidity (3 years)
  • 4 Week Presale Unlock (Anti-dump)
  • Adult ⭐️ Ambassadors, NFTs, Games!!
  • 3% Every Tx. Goes to Holders
  • 2% Locked into Liquidity
  • 2% Marketing Treasury
  • AMAs, Roadmap, Cameos planned!

Now unless you are a complete crypto virgin, you’ve probably heard about the Squid Game cryptocurrency spin-off, from the highly popular Netflix series of the same name. It’s likely that you also heard about how the SQUID token pumped like crazy, reaching a Market Cap of over $50 BILLION in just a matter of days, only to drop to zero almost instantly.

Sadly, the SQUID token was a complete scam, and thousands of people lost their funds. This happened because the developers behind SQUID decided to pull out all of the funds in the liquidity pool, meaning people could not sell their tokens as there were no funds to exchange their SQUID into. This is known in the crypto world as a “rug-pull” and sadly it happens over and over again.

The Squirt Games tagline is tongue in cheek “No Rug …All Tug!”

Which they are living up to. To build trust the $SQUIRT developers immediately locked liquidity for 3 years which means they cannot do anything with these tokens for that time.

To further prevent the potential for rug pulls from pre-sale investors, all pre-sale buys were automatically vested to be released in 4x 25% batches across 3weeks. Additionally, all team and marketing tokens are vested for 7 weeks and even then can only be released upon eight developers agreeing to release via multi-sig. This avoids situations where a rogue team-member could theoretically try to run off with the entire teams funds.

Being transparent and building trust with investors in this manner saw the $SQUIRT pre-sale sell out within 24 hours, over 4500 investors already holding tokens, and a $4,000,000 market cap already reached.

Always remember to do your own research and if you’re interested in learning more;

Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson