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The final chapter on Fintech Pioneer Co-founder striking backs Against Seed Investor-Turned-Scammer

CryptoCurrency Press Release

31st August 20192:46 pm

SAN JOSÉ, COSTA RICA – Walter Gomez, co-founder of financial technology pioneer project, Börser S.A., officially declares his quest for legal action against Edward Roworth and Jaspal Singh Arri in London and San José, thus possibly ending a four-year worldwide saga of scamming, betrayal, cryptocurrency, and hidden identity.


This legal action has an ultimate goal the recovery of $1 million declared and owed to Gomez and his partners from a partially fulfilled business deal going all the way back to 2015. Portrayed in a legally binding contract signed by Gomez and Arri, passing himself as the head of a corporate party tangled in the trading of Venezuelan bolivares and US dollars, at a preferential rate, this first arrangement, depicted that Gomez and his associates for the exchange—Cesar Potenza, Natividad Rojas, Sofia Akly, and Jerome Kislingbury— had the obligation to provide the bolivares, which they did and in turn Arri consented to trade for $1M US.


A simple straightforward arrangement with a sound enough logic involving Gomez, the creator of Börser S.A., back then a team showing knowledge in complex trade tools which made them an alluring partner, even though their project was still on its way to become one of the world’s most advanced fintech firms involving three associated companies/services: Mi Wall Street, which gives first class economic services to independent financial specialists; CrowdingFunds, a blockchain-based crowdfunding service; and X-Change, a low-priced service that eases the trade between Börser’s digital currency and cash.


In late 2015, after some delays, Arri issued a first part of $35k from sources on India by a Dubai based bank. At this point, Gomez understandably worried with the intricate and abnormal complexity of the transaction tried to reach Arri several times, without any result. He would not hear from Arri ever again.


One year later, 2016, a trade of monetary standards like the one Arri had neglected to fulfil was proposed by Richard Durrant to Gomez, leading to a few discussions and a meeting in person in the border town of Cucuta, Colombia, between Durrant’s delegate Edward Patrick Roworth and Gomez. Gomez again, fulfilled his part of the deal; however, Roworth also failed to bring the deal to completion.


Another year went by, now 2017 and Roworth enters the picture again, this time as a potential angel investor in Gomez’s fintech venture, Börser. In the end all that Roworth provided was a low quantity of seed capital in return for a portion of Börser’s tokens; the full amount of financing or the work force he guaranteed was neve fulfilled. In spite of this, Roworth claimed that the full amount of Börser’s shares that was initially agreed-upon and he committed to acquire but never paid for, was now owed to him. Right after this, he organized a modest venture by an Australian father and son, again demanding shares in Börser for his part on said deal.


Similar one-sided and unfulfilled negotiations and claims came from Roworth up to a year and a half later.


It was in late 2018 when it became known that both Jaspal Singh Arri and Richard Durrant were partners of Roworth and associates on an only on paper organization, founded by Roworth and called Eco Worldwide Ltd., without any workers, no income, and no ultimately business. Efectively a scam.


Durrant, it appears, was sent by Roworth to use Gomez after Arri exhausted his options and couldn’t take anything more from the entrepreneur and co-founder.


After this, Roworth promised once again to pay the full amount owed from the 2015 scam submitted under his organization’s guise, which also was never delivered. During this time Börser S.A. was turning into a successful company and a force to be reckoned in the digital currency sector, push by Börser’s success Roworth increase the pressure on requesting shares of the organization and adding that he was promised a controlling stake. A controlling stake that wan never promised and didn’t figure into any of the written and legally approved contracts signed between the two parties.


Gomez reminded Roworth of this only to be met with a vile a smear crusade against him from Roworth’s side.


An exhaustive and meticulously coordinated assault, carefully orchestrated as Roworth’s previous efforts to scam Gomez, this attack didn’t end on defaming Gomez on the web. Roworth recruited the help of the Australian father and son whose purchase of Börser tokens was arranged by him as a supposed gesture of good will and also an intent of investment in the organization, taking an active role in the campaign to demolish Gomez’s good name and going further beyond by methodically reaching Gomez’s business partners, throwing every unsupported accusation paired with outlandish and unconfirmed slanders that they could, on his character and on Börser’s viability as a company.


Behind the scenes of this attack Roworth kept threatening Gomez directly into surrendering his controlling shares for Börser, promising to falsify records, including transcripts of discussions and telephone messages. These threats and attacks had no effect on Gomez, declining every deluded demand that Roworth made. Thus, bringing Roworth to his next step on his plan: relinquishing all pretension of discussing a business arrangement or backing down form his unsupported and completely unfair demands by turning to overt extortion. Growing progressively desperate, blunt, and dangerous.


After this, Roworth reached his lowest by demanding a payment of $50,000 USD from Gomez or risking to receive a visit at his home from a “South American collector”.


Armed with all the records from the smear against him, Gomez is currently going forward with legal actions in his country of origin, to be later followed by an international legal action in London.


These pending legal process aim for a full compensation of the $1 million settled upon by Arri, functioning as Roworth’s representative, and for damages corresponding of the defamation coordinated against him.


To know the complete story behind this defamation, please contact Börser S.A’s. legal division.

oliver taylor
oliver taylor