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The idea behind ParamountDax and (PRDX) Token

CryptoCurrency Press Release

12th September 201912:12 am


2019 is the most important year yet for Cryptocurrencies. A lot of the newest platforms are trying to solve the greatest problems with Blockchain technology, and ParamountDax is one of them.

ParamountDax Exchange is developed from Scratch and not White Label Exchange, like 95% of the Exchanges on the Market (The basically Buy the Software and Add logo on) But in most of the cases, they do not understand anything about Matching Engine and Coding Algorithms.

The idea behind the ParamountDax

“Imagine you could enjoy concerts from around the world in real-time without leaving your home?

Behind this story, 2 years ago, my partners and I were traders who placed gross orders on different exchanges, then we realized that something was missing on the details, on transparency, on the security of the funds, on the options, and so we decided to get together and started the work.

Since we both have worked in the crypto industries for over 7 years, we naturally thought that the best experience would be Profit-Sharing Exchange with a Trading From The Chart.

If we could find a way to use the blockchain to allow people to live with a daily profit and to trade from the Chart in real-time.

But why hasn’t anyone else done this? We made some calls and figured that a lot of developers were excited about the idea, we figured there was something here.” Roberto Al Hunaiti, CEO at ParamountDax.

We understand that most of the people with a little computer knowledge need something new that would allow them to invest and earn a daily or monthly profit where the idea of the Daily Profit with 46%. (ParamountDax will pay 46% of all Trading Fees charged by the platform as Bonus reward to the PRDX holders).

The daily profit could be a potential form of income for every single person to improve their life and do various things that were not possible with other exchanges.

So we decided to create “ParamountDax, a completely EU-regulated Crypto / Fiat exchange” that offer to our users the chance to learn how to trade from various languages.

ParamountDax is one of the new crypto exchanges licensed before its launch date.
• License FVR000363 for exchanging virtual currency vs fiat currency.
• License FRK000304 for the right to provide virtual currency wallet services

This opportunity could be very profitable for many people who are interested in crypto.

Behind ParamountDax there is a selfless interest because individuals can significantly improve their daily lives and expenses.

About PRDX Token

PRDX is a native token of ParamountDax trading platform. PRDX token is used to attend the profit generated by the Fee on ParamountDax trading platform.

The PRDX Token will be sold to supporters the ParamountDax Exchange, giving them a Daily profit.

You can also get a discount for the trading fee, the more token you have the more discount you get.

ParamountDax will use this mechanism until the total supply is reduced to 65 million PRDX tokens.

The burning process will start 30th March 2020, every quarter we will use 5% -10% of net profit to burn PRDX Tokens.

The PRDX token is now an ERC-20 token later we will move on a dedicated blockchain.

Strong Referral Campaign 30%

Referral Bonus invitee level A: 17%

Referral Bonus invitee level B: 8%

Referral Bonus invitee level C: 5%

Cold wallet storage

ParamountDax offers the highest levels of security available while simultaneously solving the issue of cold storage portability.

Cold wallets are not connected to the internet. Any transaction initiated online is temporarily transferred to an offline wallet kept on a device where it is digitally signed before transmitting to the online network.

The ICO distribution and dates

The token sale will be effected via a predetermined structure given below:

-ICO Presale 25%

-ICO Sale 40%

-Institutional and Angel Investor Round /Private Sale 10%

-Founding Team and Management 23%

-Bounties — Bonus and Airdrops 2%

1 PRDX Token Price = $ 0.15
ICO Presale Period > Bonus 32% (From 18 May to 23 June)
ICO Sale Period > Bonus 12% (From 24 June to 19 August)
ICO Private Sale > Bonus 35% (From 20 August to 23 September)

Unsold tokens after ICO crowd sale will be burned.

The Platform

The ParamountDax claims that their platform will have the following attributes:

Trading From The Chart: TFC Trade From Chart (Advanced) is a module that allows users to perform operations directly from the chart. Tools are available for carrying out market orders, limiting and stopping orders and orders for multiple assets. Unlike traditional trading, users set the price level graphically and interactively options if the user has no position in a security.

AMD (Advanced Market Detector): A fast and easy way to analyze the market.

In a highly volatile market like cryptocurrencies, it is not easy to know when to buy and when to sell, this is why we have decided to help our users by implementing a trading indicator based on the most popular technical indicators that make the calculations for you and can help you make better decisions. The indicator is based on a multitude of trading strategies with Moving Averages, Oscillators and Pivots that have been profitable over time, this indicator groups a total of 30 different strategies and it is automatically based on those, it helps a user to make great decisions in a fast, easy and safe way, without filling the graph with indicators.

LIVE TRADING: there will be the possibility to follow on our platform the trading experts by trading live in different languages that will help users to understand better how to trade.

Interoperability: The network can interface with multiple blockchains.

Conclusion: what makes the ParamountDax so exciting is that this is a proven team, with demonstrated working on an ambitious goal to change products that have hundreds of millions of people. ParamountDax serves the real needs of the crypto community and has a large existing user base to leverage and has demonstrated their ability to execute and innovate over time.

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Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov