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The Team Behind The ParamountDax Trading Exchange

CryptoCurrency Press Release

26th November 20192:40 pm

Dear Community,

ParamountDax is backed by a team of experienced developers, Marketing, Data analyst, Researcher, Community Manager, traders, Designers, and more members who are highly skilled experts in the cryptocurrency field, that combine advanced skills to make ParamountDax the platform of the future.

The ParamountDax team is aiming to become the global leader of the cryptocurrency.

The team is working hard to make the platform as one of the most secure and fast exchanges.

Our Team opinions

The people are the most important asset for ParamountDax. Without the team, we wouldn’t have the ParamountDax you know today.

Our team is like a family — we support, encourage and perfect each other.

Below you find heartwarming and humorous stories about some of our team members and why they make ParamountDax great.

Roberto “I think entrepreneurs are born with a passion to make a difference, both in their own lives and within industries that have remained unchanged for years. If you believe in your vision and you know how to execute it, then everything is possible. We have made tremendous progress in the past months and will continue to strive for innovation and adoption for the next months and beyond.

As we develop now our Exchange from scratch, we now have the platform to support the amazing Exchange from our community, to build innovative solutions, and to grow”.

FabioHowever, very soon I found out the real truth, that this was not just another Cryptocurrency company but a unique platform where you can trade and invest”

Cosmin “An important part of my decision to join the ParamountDax was they were not using white Label product by some software. But rather were driven by the needs of the industry. I got really excited about ParamountDax after meeting the people working here and finding out more about what exactly ParamountDax does.

I thought it was a genius idea and wanted to be a part of it”.

Andrey “As a global platform, we will work hard to have community managers all over the world. Currently, we have some community in Hong Kong, Russia, Turkey, Thailand; Vietnam, Japan, South Korea and beyond.

Our Community Managers are the ones out on the field finding new growth companies, users and traders to come on the platform”.

Vijay “ I was encouraged to see the uniqueness that ParamountDax was set up to offer. Any crypto exchange can only be successful if it gets huge support from daily traders. And that’s the best part, “ParamountDax” is set up to give almost half of its trading revenue back to its traders. Another point is the exchange’s security where they are very often exposed to security breaches and hacks. But, “ParamountDax Crypto Exchange” is designed to be non-hackable and the funds remain in cold wallets; thus aiming to make it the world’s most secure exchange”.

Max “On an idealistic level, I’ve always wanted to make a difference and as I was still interested in cryptocurrency and trading,

I realized that I’d like to work with the more grassroots early-stage companies”

Diallo ”Ultimately, I joined ParamountDax for two primary reasons. First was, that I liked the company’s ambition.

And second, the working environment. It’s as simple as that.

Moving Forward in 2020

It is no secret that we will continue to face a bear market in the Cryptocurrency space in 2019. However, we believe that ParamountDax Exchange will not only survive but thrive in this Crypto winter as we focus on listing good projects, creating great products for our users and forging new partnerships.

In conclusion, we hope you liked what we’ve done!

Keep in mind that, as mentioned at the beginning of this project, you guys can expect constant improvements on our end to deliver as pleasant of user experience as possible.

Any of this would not have been possible without the strength of our community, and we are grateful to you for supporting our vision, our progress to date, and for helping us to deliver on this important milestone

The team would also like to take this opportunity to thank our partners and users for providing their useful feedback and advice along the way.

As always, happy investing in ParamountDax!

Good luck! And see you soon!


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Andrey Romanov
Andrey Romanov