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Titan to Launch the Biggest Giveaway and Bounty Program in the Crypto History

CryptoCurrency Press Release

29th August 20202:22 pm


We are excited to let our community know that Titan projects are planning to soon launch its own Giveaway and Bounty Program. If numbers are to be believed, this will be the biggest Giveaway and Bounty Program in the history of cryptocurrency, as of yet.


The upcoming Titan bounty program will be giving away free Titan Coins to the participants for performing a few easy tasks.


As per our initial calculations, the total worth of the Titan Giveaway and Bounty Program is likely to be around USD 12.5 million. In other words, Titan coins worth a total value of over USD 12.5m will be distributed for free during the campaign.


This is going to be the biggest cryptocurrency giveaway program in terms of numbers. No other project or cryptocurrency can even come close to these figures. That’s how much we value our users and community.


Dinesh Khanna
Dinesh Khanna