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White Label Payment Gateway A flexible solution to avail unlimited opportunities

CryptoCurrency Press Release

22nd August 20212:07 pm

White label payment gateway gives vast opportunities to the clients to prosperous their business. Its easy integration and ready-to-use framework made it quite simple to start your own payment gateway. But the question is, where you will get the services?

You will make research in the market then you will get a lot of service providers available. But again, what really matters for you among them should be the pricing and features. Means, what you are getting, and what are you paying?

Before opting for services, you should make some points of your requirements. Once you know your needs, you will easily find the appropriate service provider for your business. And, if you will search for the best White Label Payment Gateway, you will also find Gatewayeast listed on the top there.

Gatewayeast is one of the leading gateway service providers in the industry. It offers you a white label payment gateway solution with the lowest cost assurance. A feature-rich payment gateway helps clients to avail unlimited opportunities.

Let’s discuss them in brief:

Support all major cards – Gatewayeast accepts all major card brands. Card payments are trending these days. People often choose cards to pay for rather than using cash. They believe cash has become an outdated trend.

Gatewayeast helps clients to target these consumers with its White Label Payment Gateway service. It supports all major card brands like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, and many more.

3D Secure check – 3D secure is an online payment authentication service available for Visa and MasterCard cardholders. The authentication process involves three simple procedures:-

  • While making the payment, you need to enter the card details.
  • If 3D secure authentication is activated, you will be redirected to the authentication page. Your bank will verify the details. You will get a 3D secure verification code to authenticate the payment.
  • Once you are done with this verification process, your transaction will be completed.

3D secure verification process services are being provided under the name of “Verified by Visa” for Visa and “MasterCard Source code” for MasterCard.

After three false attempts, your transaction will be canceled, and a hold will be placed on your card.

Fraud prevention tools – Fraud is the greatest threat to the payment security process. It does affect not only your business but also affects the reputation of your business.

Gatewayeast takes care of frauds, ultimately to make your business process smoother. You take care of your business and make it more prosperous, and leave the fraudulent activities for us. We, with our anti-fraud tools, successfully minimized the fraudulent activities in your industry. Apart from our fraud management, we also provide third-party fraud prevention tools to make your business more secure.

Chargeback reporting system – Gatewayeast chargeback reporting software support you in tracking and monitoring chargebacks within MMS (Merchant management System). Our chargeback management system identifies and notifies merchants for chargeback so that they can quickly respond to alerts and disputes.

Recurring payment and tokenization – At Gatewayeast, after every successful transactions system issues a token. These tokens can be used in lieu of card details for further transactions.

Tokenization makes your recurring payment more convenient. You do require to enter your card details repeatedly to complete your payment.

Secure virtual terminal – Virtual terminal supports merchants in processing mail order and telephone order transactions. The secure processing lets you process credit card and debit card transactions error-free and smoothly.

MMS users can monitor all the information related to transactions such as status, transaction rate, refund status, and other activities. A virtual terminal is a web-based portal and accessible through any internet-connected device like mobile, PC, tablet, and others.


A merchant requires many processing tools in order to make their business transactions flawless. So, he looks for a payment service provider with multiple benefits. For the PSP, it can be tough and expensive to develop such a framework. With White Label Payment Gateway, it becomes easy and cost-effective for a payment service provider to provide multi-beneficial payment gateway services to their clients.

Gatewayeast supports payment service providers in every aspect to prosper their business. The above-discussed features help them to provide all the services required to their merchants for their business.

With our solution, you can start your own payment gateway hassle-free. To get more details about our services, reach us at

Manish Gatewayeast
Manish Gatewayeast
Gatewayeast is a White Label Payment Gateway service provider across the globe. We support PSP, Banks, ISO’s, ISV’s to start your own payment gateway business. With our solution, they get the opportunity to promote their own brand rather than reselling others. Our ready-to-use framework with few modifications makes it quite simple for you to start your own payment gateway service. You can gain multiple benefits with our feature-rich payment gateway service like numerous payment gateway, diverse currency processing, PCI-DSS compliance, modular structure, statistic, and accounting, Etc. To learn more about Gatewayeast, Contact -, Visit-