Why MoCo is a Game Changer

Why MoCo is a Game Changer

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9th April 20199:28 am

Why Is MoCo Platform a game-changer?



Why MoCo is a Game Changer

While many companies are individually working with AI, VR, blockchain and video compression, MoCo is bringing all of them together to allow for a 3D virtual world that mirrors communication in the real world.

MoCo says with just your smartphone camera, you will be able to make a 3D virtual avatar that exists on the MoCo Platform, with AI translating and emulating your real-life gestures into the avatar.

MoCo Creates the Next Leap in the Way Users Communicate

To enable the virtual world, the MoCo Platform allows for real-time 4K 360 degree VR content thanks to their proprietary next generation AI-powered data compression.

MoCo can take a 1.7 GB 4K 360 degree video file and compress it to 24 MB with negligible to no difference in image quality. When utilized for real-time Live 4K 360 degree content — which averages at 56 MB per second while streaming — MoCo’s AI can compress the stream to only 5 MB per second.

VR Motion Communications (MoCo) itself is a revolutionary communication platform that will make the following next-generation media communication content and services, possible; the world’s first anonymous 3D Avatar Chat, 4K/8K Live and Streaming Chat and other streaming services, and finally Immersive 3DVR Live Video Chat.


In the first stage of our platform development, we will present the world’s first mobile, anonymous 3D Avatar Chat, Creator’s Market, Marketplace and game platform. The MoCo Platform’s online Marketplace will include both an Official Store where users can purchase official avatars and avatar-related content and a Free Marketplace where users can monetize their own original avatar-related content.

In the next stage, the MoCo Platform and technology will enable the introduction of a whole new VTuber universe – but in 3D – where users can further monetize their creativity and talents. Development to this stage also will make it possible to broadcast large scale, simultaneous, 4K/8K, 360° Real Time, VR streaming events around the world, such as World Cup Soccer games, the Super Bowl, and even sold-out concerts by top-level musicians on the other side of the world.

In the final step of our platform development, we will combine our A.I. Video Compression, A.I. Automatic 2D-3D conversion, and A.I. motion capture technologies, to make it possible for users to enter the VR space using only their web cameras or mobile devices. Users will also be able to create their own customized Avatars or Character bots and move around in, create, and experience, user-made virtual RooMs, and communicate with their family or hang out with their friends.

Users will be able to create and monetize their own original content, which we will copyright-protected using the Blockchain and smart contracts, supported by the MoCo crypto token. Supported by blockchain technology, the MoCo Platform, and the MoCo Token will allow the development and buying and selling of original content in a fast, safe, and secure ecosystem. Individuals and businesses will be able to meet and communicate with others all over the world safely, and they will also be able to create their own personal monetized economies utilizing their own talents and ideas, and engage in secure commerce with each other as well.

The big difference between The MoCo Platform project and most other projects presented via ICO’s and Token Sales, is that we already have the technology and patents on that technology that will be used to develop our platform, we simply need your support to develop that technology and our platform to their full potential.

To store your MoCo Tokens, the encrypted MoCo Wallet will be your own personal bank in the virtual realm of the MoCo Platform.


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tres cunningham