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Zed Run Clone Script – Race to Earn Big Money!

CryptoCurrency Press Release

29th October 20212:54 pm

Zed Run Clone Script is a Blockchain-powered NFT digital horse racing game to start NFT games like Zed.Run. Zed Run Clone is a 100% White Label Software Solution that enables you to start Blockchain Games like Zed Run.

Zed Run Clone Script Features

1) Purchase A Racehorse

  • The Game players must first choose the racehorse they wish to buy.

  • The Game players Metamask wallet is then linked into the Zed Run Clone script, permitting for an easy login

  • After the player has signed in with the Zed run clone script, they can utilize the gaming platform features.

  • Once everything is in a significant place, the participant can begin purchasing for their racehorse.

2) Steps to the Stable

  • The Game player can simply set up their digital-based crypto wallet for their whole transactions.

  • The Game player’s Zed Run clone script is then validated.

  • Finally, the participant’s new stable and secure signature is established.

3) Zed Run Clone Script WorkFlow

  • The stable formation is the most important workflow process

  • Next workflow to the preparation of the stable.

  • The horses are forward to the breeding process to develop a legacy.

  • Everyone Category the horses in the various racing classes

  • A complete overview of the scarcity and verifiability.

  • High Opportunity to purchasing in Upcoming Horse for Racing

  • Verify and validate payments and Transactions.

  • Fix the Horse Race details on the Stable & Roster Page.

Benefits of Our Zed Run Clone Script

  • It provides a bundle of rewards

  • Stored in-game elements

  • A long-run game platform

  • Grouping of horses into 5 categories

  • Listing of 38,000 Genesis horses

  • Collection of Genesis horses into 4 categories

  • 1000 stimulation available

  • Creation of odds

  • Lucrative reward spot holders

  • 20,150 horses listed on the platform

  • 888 horses open for sale

How To Start an NFT Game Like Zed Run?

Start and Build your own blockchain NFT Game like Zed Run with BlockchainAppsDeveloper – NFT Game Development Company. The NFT Game like Zed Run can be readily available in different modes which include,

Mode 1: Developing the NFT Gaming Platform from Scratch delivering the exact end-to-end NFT gaming services of the Zed Run. 

Mode 2: White Label Zed Run Clone Script and customizing as per the client’s suggested features and specifications.

We BlockchainAppsDeveloper as a Leading Blockchain Application Development Company provides NFT Gaming Platform Development Services and NFT Marketplace Development Services to build a robust NFT marketplace with customized gaming solutions.

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samanthablake harry