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Zodeak announces DeFi Development Services to Upgrade the Financial System

CryptoCurrency Press Release

26th July 20214:44 pm

Zodeak announces DeFi Development Services to Upgrade the Financial System

Zodeak is announced to launch the upgraded concept in the FinTech world which is called Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development. Zodeak endeavors to be a user-friendly and captivating lottery field, NFT’s, and other future functional areas trying to give a permissionless way of Finance. 


As a Reputed Service provider in the Crypto realm, we offer upgraded script software updated to the latest version.


DeFi Development Services – Zodeak


DeFi – Decentralized Finance, is a term used to describe a variety of financial applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain adapted towards disrupting financial arbitrators. 


Zodeak – the leading DeFi Development Services captured the crucial growth of DeFi Projects, Defi Tokens, and DeFi Projects into intense consideration and started to render DeFi development services and took part in the globally decentralized development in Blockchain Technology. 


The Dedicated DeFi Developers by Zodeak is always ready to crack the code and create the fully decentralized financial applications which hold DeFi protocols, DeFi Tokens, and other DeFi related projects.


“Our comprehensive premeditation is to make our clients totally gratified and glad about our unique concepts and features in our DeFi Development platform. With our skilled experts on board, we have so far delivered an enormous amount of projects to our global clients.” said the Chief Official of Zodeak.


Our proficiency in smart contract development precludes smart contract vulnerability and user errors to render a persistent user experience while transacting the digital assets inside a DeFi ecosystem. By realizing the immediate engulf of DeFi tokens in the lending and borrowing firms, we build decentralized Peer-to-peer lending smart contracts that assure the fabrication of potential DeFi lending protocols and DeFi Lending Tokens like Uniswap (UNI), Compound (COMP), Yearn.Finance (yfi), Aave, Maker, that guarantees the flash loans.


High-end Features upgraded in the Financial System:


Zodeak offers various features which provide high-end performance and scalability. They are,


  1. Programmability
  2. Smart Contract based
  3. Strategic Investment Plans
  4. No Third-Party Intermediates
  5. Pseudonymous Transactions
  6. Transparent Protocols
  7. Interoperability
  8. International Access


“We still have an idea of implementing highly reliable peculiarities such as Face Recognition, Fingerprint Security Measures in the upcoming days. We also have planned to sustain Instant Notification and Support services to fulfill the customer’s expectation!” claimed the Official of Zodeak.


About Zodeak:

Zodeak is a Prominent Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Solutions that offers various products and services such as Cryptocurrency Wallet Development, Crypto Exchange Development, Bitcoin Escrow, Blockchain Development, MLM Software development, DeFi Development, and much more. We have 100+ blockchain experts having a successful journey of completing 60+ blockchain projects under various industries and technology.

Zodeak Technology
Zodeak Technology